Basenji mix.... But what mix!

Hello everyone. My fiance and I just adopted a beautiful all white basenji mix from a local shelter here in SD. He was rescued from a dog meat factory in Cambodia back in Aug.

The shelter had him listed as a basenji / shar pei mix but I am not sure that shar pei is accurate. He does have the swirly basenji tail! Wanted to get some opinions from the forums!!

They also have him as a 2 year old but I think that is an overestimate. He's got such great energy when outside but super calm inside.

Any breed mix guesses for our guy, Chester??!

I personally don’t see basenji but you’ll never know for sure unless you get a DNA test - sometimes looks can be deceiving. He does have a nicely curled tail like a basenji. I’m curious to know some of his characteristics and quirks. Regardless, he is beautiful and he is fortunate to have found a FOREVER HOME with you. Thanks for sharing his photo - he is a real cutie!🐾❤

@kembe thank you! He definitely has insane prey drive. Squirrels are his favorite thing to chase when we are walking in the morning, unfortunately. He does bark but very infrequently and also makes strange howls and yodels mostly. He is a sprinter and runs circles around dogs at the park. His run is more of a trot. The shelter noted that he also thinks he is a lap dog despite his 35lb size, and we definitely see that. He is very agile, almost cat like when he jumps around on things, too!

Whatever his DNA says, he certainly is cute and has definitely won over your hearts. Enjoy your little boy for many year to come.

I don't see any Basenji there at all - but he is a lovely looking dog. I am sure the people who suggested 'Basenji' to you were only going on the tail !

He is lucky to have met you, and vice versa. If it is important to you, get a DNA test and me might all be very surprised. Cherish him -

Thanks everyone!! We plan on doing a DNA test soon. Really curious about his curly tail!

@shanellio19 said in Basenji mix.... But what mix!:

Thanks everyone!! We plan on doing a DNA test soon. Really curious about his curly tail!

There are many dogs that have a tail curl, example are Akita, Malamute, Husky, etc

You’ll have to post his DNA results on the Forum when you have it done. It will be interesting to find out his genetic make-up.

@kembe yes I definitely will. Been doing some research and jindo is on my guess list. Will post results in a few weeks!

So the original shelter was wrong! Here are Chester's results for those who are interested. He is a super asian mutt! 0_1612150041208_Screenshot_20210131-155605.png

WOW! That's some ancestral line!

“Wow! What a mix!” Lol! Thanks for posting his results. He has very interesting genetic make-up. (Curly tail must be from the Hokkaido Inu or Akita Inu).

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So cool! Honestly those are some very primitive breeds so you'll probably see a lot of basenji-like traits and behaviors like prey drive. My friends with ridgebacks and akitas seem to a have a lot in common with us basenjis. You'll have a blast with him, cheers!

@aprilk yea definitely! Thanks for being welcoming to a non-,basenji super mix everyone!!

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