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Hi Caitlin!
Welcome to the basenji family! I crate trained both of my pups in the beginning (just when I was at work or not home-there was no way to keep them "contained" without chewed doors or any separation fences they couldn't climb so it was for their protection but anytime I was home they were out and definitely always sleep with me. The cool thing is after a while, about a year and a half with my first and a year with my second, they became quite house trained and reliable to where now I don't have to crate them at all! They are fine in the house without me. I do keep a lot of toys and chewies just to keep them from bothering anything they shouldn't and I've had great luck with mine not being destructive at all except for the stray napkin or winter hat fuzzy (some things are just too tempting...). I still leave their crate up just to go in or if I need it (visitors, etc.) but I don't actively use it too much. Also, I have huge crates to give them lots of space and always keep toys (just be careful if yours eats toys or could get into trouble with them) and a clip-on water dish in there. You want them to be really comfy so they don't mind being in it...Good luck with your pup- keep him busy, a tired basenji is a good basenji!

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Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I started Malcolm in agility really early when he was just a pup and he definitely has a talent for it, we got sidetracked and haven't trained since covid but I'm hoping to start back up when we can. We just moved too and I have a lot more space so I'm going to start making my own equipment to train at home this summer. Jenjo, let me know if you ever want to talk, I can send you my email 🙂 My Sullivan and my Ivy are both from Kiroja Basenjis. Here's a few more pics in action!

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Hi! My name is April. I have two Basenjis, Ivy a 5 year old red and white and Malcolm a 3 year old trindle (I had to look it up when I found him!) They are my babies! Both are fixed but we still show UKC a lot and they do all kinds of activities: showing, coursing, fastcat, some agility and we are just adding nosework and rally. I love keeping them busy and getting to introduce the breed to new people! We are form Medina, Ohio. These are my second generation of Basenjis- my Ivy is a full niece to my first basenji Sullivan who was the greatest dog on earth (I'm a bit biased but he was so cool my husband not only let me but wanted more Basenjis!) I am a teacher by profession. [removed ad text]
Here's a pic of by babies!

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I have two basenjis and I know what you mean about walks-they are not always a fun experience for me either-we have tons of wildlife around our house as well. The best success I have had is to replace one prey drive with another. I do coursing with mine so from day one I have used a horse lunge whip with a plastic bag on the end to "play" with. Its long enough to give them some space and action to really go after it. It doesn't stop them from still hunting but it gets a ton of steam off so they are a bit more tired and easier to walk (just make sure they don't eat the bag). Also, when they have gotten loose, all I do is grab the bag wave it around and they have always come right back for it. Its my emergency catching tool. I agree that the busier you keep them, the better they are. They love to have a job and be active!

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