• Hi! I'm trying to figure out the mix of my beautiful new puppy, Honey. The shelter thought she might be an Australian Cattle Dog mix based on looks, but I'm not so sure. I really think she might some kind of Basenji mix, but I wanted your opinions. Though she doesn't bark much, she is able to. But...she also makes the same yodeling sound as a basenji sometimes (or at least those I found on youtube). Sometimes I can spot some wrinkles on her forehead. Her personality also seems very similar to what I've read about Basenjis (very intelligent, but stubborn and therefore hard to train, hates wet weather, etc). She's just about to turn 1, and the shelter said she weighs around 40 pounds but she feels lighter. Do you think she may be part basenji? If so, do you have any idea what she might be mixed with? Thank you in advance!!






  • @martianmaya22
    She definitely looks part Basenji to me. She is gorgeous - a beautiful dog! Congratulations! You are lucky to have found each other! 🐾❤🐕

  • She's beautiful. Sure does look part basenji to me. Not sure what she could be mixed with, but if you truly want to know, there are several different DNA test's that you can do. Enjoy her and keep her busy with all kinds of activities. A tired basenji, is a GOOD basenji!! They don't get themselves into trouble.....chewing, etc. Lots of long walks. Dog parks are nice, if you think she is socialized enough to be around other dogs (hope you got her fixed).

  • She looks a lot like our Avongara's.
    One would hope that none of our precious Avongara's end up in shelters.
    But, she is a beautiful pup.

  • She is beautiful and I would bet that she has some basenji in her. I would get her weighed; she doesn't look she weighs 40 lbs! Most basenjis weigh far less than that unless they are eating too much. Enjoy her!

  • I love her eyes! Such gorgeous eyeliner!

    It looks like there's alot of basenji there. No matter what, she's beautiful. Enjoy.

  • @martianmaya22 I will be watching responses to your question ! As I also believe I have a Basenji mix ... and .. a mix with an Australian Cattle Dog !
    I got Kitchi from St Paul Mn Humane society on Oct 15th ... her name was SEES and she came from Arkansas. They said she was born April 15th ... but someone did the math wrong as her medical records show she had her first puppy shot on March 1st. I gave her a December 15th birthday.
    Kitchi can bark but seldom does. Not so sure about the yodel sound. She definitely has forehead wrinkles. I think she still weighs 38 pounds.
    A strange trait is "studying" the choice of directions to go when we come to an intersection. We live in Minneapolis residential area with a creek 1/2 block away and 8 blocks to walk along a nature path.
    Her strangeness both delights me and wears me down.
    Chewing is her addiction.
    I cannot imagine her ever being able to not wear a collar and leash. (but she is still very young)
    I expect her Embark DNA results in a few weeks.
    I look forward to chatting with you and reading the comments of others !!
    I wish I knew how to enter a photo here !

  • @sleacc said in Basenji Mix?:

    I wish I knew how to enter a photo here !

    You can upload from your computer. Click on the symbol 2nd from the right at the top of the compose box. Make sure your picture file is not too large! Or you can link to a picture that is already on line (symbol 5th from right, above).

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