• Hi!

    I found these dog, a girl, on a mexican site for rescue dogs.. i love her ears.. and her eyes, i think maybe has some basenji on her, or chihuahua a very common dog here.

    What do you think? She is spayed, of course.

    I cant download the photo, but the facebook link is public.


    I will ask info about her, maybe she can be a good friend for Maca my basenji. Sadly is a girl. What do you think? Maca is 2 years old and the Misty the rescue girl is 1.5 years maybe. The add says that she is a little shy at first and was rescue from the antirabic where the dogs found the dead.

  • Oh My! She is lovely! She looks like she might have some Basenji in her, but there are others on these boards who know a lot more about that than I. In any case, she is beautiful!

  • She is lovely…

    I do see Basenji in that face and her head 🙂

    I hope she turns out to be a good match for you...

  • What a pretty girl - her colouring is unusual. She may well have Basenji in her.

  • Very nice, how is her temperment? Are you going to get her?

  • Hi!

    she is on rescue organization, today they write me, she was on an antirabic place, here is a very bad place, if you see the other photos can notice that the dogs there have very bad times and the people are very rude.

    She is on treatment with a ethologist, she is very very shy, she pee and po when strange people meet her. She will needs a lot of therapy.

    I just read an update, she didnt bark when was on a temporal home, and chew and destroy a lot of things! haha a basenji!

    She was howling the first days on the temporal home, and im reading on the fb of her protector that she just eat a cell phone! wow! Maca dont eat my cell phone or electronics! just destroy my couch and my curtains..

    For now i cant have her, but i will moving to a house with a backyard so the dogs will have some space to get her businnes and take the sun.

    She tells me that can keep her until i move to my new home. So i will checking for the adoption.. on that case she need to get a plane to get here.

    And i will need a lot of patient.. to train her and to get her confidence.

    And other issue with her is that is terrible afraid about the leash. She cant put on a leash because the damm people on the antirabic place use ropes and leashes to punish the dogs. So Misty cant tolerate the leash. She write that she will working on that.

    I think will have a lot of work if adopt these dog, but i think with patience, the help of Maca and the etholigist instructions can conquers a good life and a natural behavior on these dog.

    I really want another dogs, and i think that these dog deserve another chance.

    I just upload a public photos from Misty on my facebook if someone want meet Misty.


  • She is a lovely girl - I know lots of people say girl/girl combinations don't work well, but I have a 2.5 year B and a 3 yr. B mix, both females. They are each other's heart, and I do not see any problem with the combination at all. It all comes down to the temperament of the individual dogs but it would be wonderful if you can give it a try, the rescue does deserve a chance, and I'm sure Maca would love the company. Patience, patience is the key, of course.

  • Good for you Maca - she sounds as though she much deserves a kind and gentle life.

  • Im start worried about the combo girl/girl, a friend on the facebook basenji mexican group just reported that her 2 girls fight last night, and i know for sure that she walk them daily and take to the park.

    Maca is very sweet, and love the boys and grl dogs, specially the stret dogs that are very common here. She dont pay much attention to the few pure breed dogs that ocasionally we found.

    On the other side Misty dont have any issues with other dogs, her issues are with people and leash.

    I need first to move to my house and then can recieve Misty.. my other worried is that i wont be a lot on the house.. if a take a scholar curse will be busy on weekends until octobe so wont be at home.

    Maybe the only company of Maca could be better for her. But i wish i have the time to supervise them. So i will makes my moves on of a time.

    And i have time to see what happens with the moving.

  • Has Maca had a chance to meet Misty in person?

  • Nop, Misty is 1200 km away .. if i adopted her will need to take a flight from Mexico Df to get here.

  • How long has she gone without eating? Dogs will not starve themselves to death. Try making her a scrambled egg and mixing it with her kibble, or the BBQ sauce you are talking about into her food. She is new to your home, so it will take her a while to get adjusted. On saying that, I got my B when she was a puppy, I can still see her ribs when she runs, and her attitude about food is "oh well, suppose I have to eat." Some dogs are chow hounds and some are not very food motivated. My vet says she is fine, so maybe your pup will not ever be very heavy, and that's not a bad thing. Other things you might try mixing with her dry food: chicken broth, pumpkin, sweet potato (cooked of course), cottage cheese, a little wet food of the same brand - good luck with her.

  • thanks for the ideas about food.. 🙂 Misty isnt still here.. but glad to know some recipes. 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Hello, you are a great person to try her with all her problems. Do not use leash, maybe you can find a good halter? That way she will trust you more because it is different feeling.

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