• Hello all,

    I adopted Copper a few months ago. The rescue said they thought he was a Corgi-terrier mix. After a few conversations and some research, I am thinking more a Basenji mix (not sure about the mix part). His behavior certainly fits the Basenji descriptions (no Corgi herding instinct whatsoever). His tail doesn't have the tight curl. His face seems to fit too. He has the wrinkles and the ears.

    He does bark sometimes otherwise is very quiet with a strange yodel-whine when he is on time-out.

    I think he's a great dog and am lucky to have him.

    I am looking for some opinions from people who have more experience with Basenji's.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • First Basenji's

    Well, he certainly has the ears!!!! His face as well, didn't get a good body shot but he is definitely mostly Basenji…Do you think min-pin? or Chihuahua? We'll just call it a bit of Lab like all American Mixes have in them as It does not matter really. He is adorable and you are lucky! CUTIE!!! It is so hard to just look at a dog, some personality traits might be indicative, but don't waste your money on DNA tests......All three companies would probably come up with something different...............Good Luck and hugs and kisses!

  • Thanks for the quick reply! I am really up in the air on the mix. His body seems a touch long and the tail doesn't have the tight curl but it has a good curve and goes straight when he runs. After looking at everyone's pics and video and descriptions, whatever the mix, he is basenji-dominant. 🙂

    He definitely picked me at the rescue where I adopted him. He was listed as the one with fox ears. Most people just comment on how elegant and noble he looks. Now I want another one! What a great breed!

  • He is adorable ❤

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