Is This a Basenji Mix?

i just got a 6 month old rat terrier mix from the humane society. they didnt know what the other part was cuz he was a stray when they found him. anyways, i was curious so i looked up different dogs and now i think that he is part basenji. he hardly ever barks, only if we put him in a kennel (which he hates, so we never do it) and sometimes if another dog barks at him. but he makes some other noises that arent bark like. he also has a wrinkly forehead. his tail is docked, but it feels kinda crooked, like if it hadnt been docked it wouldve curled
anyways, what do u guys think?

uhhh for some reason i cant attach any photos..soo nevermind

From your avatar, I would say Rat Terrier.

I would guess Rat Terrier also

ok, i put some photos of him in an album

Yep that's a Rat Terrier, probably purebred, and a real cutie-pie too. RTs are awesome dogs and I would like to have one myself someday. 🙂

I agree wholeheartedly, he is a Rat Terrier. I think he is absolutely adorable! What did you name him???

his names Charlie. really? u guys think hes all rat terrier? ok, i wonder why they thought he was a mix?

They may not be very familiar with breeds. I agree with Robyn he looks all Rat Terrier to me. Keep in mind that the Rat Terrier breed does have some basenji blood in it and some have a strong resemblance to basenjis.

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