Basenji mix?

What's your thoughts. We got our new puppy last year from a rescue, best guess maybe a whippet/Terrior mix.. she is very fast! Then I came upon the pictures of Basenjis. She has their look but is about twice their size..doesn't have a typical dog bark but doesn't have the curly basenji tail.. clearly a mix and I know a DNA test is possible just wanted your knowledgeable thoughts on if you think she might be part basenji? Thank you. !!!0_1506730991566_IMG_7603.JPG

Very cute. I don't really see basenji but maybe a standing side view might help. How big is she?

I am no expert but I looked at the photo before reading your post and I thought it was one. The classic white shoulders, upright ears, pointed nose and shape of face....I agree a profile view would add but it would not be hard to convince me this dog has some basenji genes.

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