• I'm a new member here, and recently have decided on a particular Basenji mix from a rescue. I don't have her yet though because currently I live with my parents who have Chihuahuas. They said they heard that Basenjis can view little dogs as prey and even just snap one day. I thought that sounded just silly, & said that even if this were a real concern with full Basenjis, a mix might be a little more mellow. But I decided I better investigate, and did see the posts mentioning Chihuahuas interacting with Basenjis where the negative behavior was based around toys, but I wanted to address the issue specifically to see if anyone has heard that this is a bad combination. I'm sure no one wants to make a blanket statement like that, but would you avoid it if possible??

    My parents aren't adamant about this, they're just "concerened" - but they know I love this particular dog. Finiding this out NOW, though, what a bummer!!

  • This is all just my opinion and while I have had experience with both separately I haven't seen them together…
    I would be concerned as well because chihuahuas are vey small so some with high prey drives could see smaller dogs this way but more so that chihuahuas tend to be very invading of personal space ( domineering if I may say so) (small dog complex) which could be very antagonizing to a basenji. It is something to think about, that's all I'm saying.

  • Well, there are some Basenji/Chihauhau crosses out there, so obviously they can get along. 🙂 You are dealing with a mix, so how "Basenji" she is will be another factor, as may the sex of the dogs involved. Same sex aggression is pretty common in Basenjis. The experience and skill of the people who introduce them and supervise them is also important. Whether it will be advisable to leave them alone together is another question, only answerable once a relationship is established.

    Any chance you can "borrow" this girl before making a commitment?

  • I can only speak to my own personal experience but one of Sonny's best friends is my brothers Chi Julio…Sonny is not a basenji that gets along with all dogs but he has bonded with Julio and now they are friends...but the relationship did take time to build and Julio respected Sonny was in charge from the beginning...I don't think you can really get a clear cut answer on this question. each experience will depend on the dogs...best of luck to you...for me the two of them make the funniest combination of 2 very different dogs and their interactions are often very silly and a great source of laughter for us humans ( best example is the christmas picture) 🙂

  • I think it will be an individual sort of thing.

    There was someone who used to post on here who had a b and her mom had a chi (and pugs and labs). I don't remember names/handles very well, but she had a lovely little female tri and lived in the UK.

  • Agilebasenji, I think you are talking about "Maya"?? She is the only one I can think of with the pugs and labs!

  • @Chealsie508:

    Agilebasenji, I think you are talking about "Maya"?? She is the only one I can think of with the pugs and labs!

    yes, but i think that was the basenji's name? I think she also has Fresian horses.

  • I I remember correctly I think her name is Jess and she had a chihuahua named Evie? It's been awhile, lol.

  • I think it would depend on how small the Chi was, the color, and how they are introduced. My Arnie was confused by a small white dog in a dog park but once he was close to it and saw it interacting with other dogs and barking, he realized that it was a dog. I tell my dogs that the small dogs are good puppies, or good poochies before they meet them and they understand what I mean. All my dogs have been to lure coursing events though only Arnie has actually coursed but all of them watch the dogs chasing the white plastic bag and they get excited.


  • Thanks everyone!

    I did get the dog & she is unbelievably sweet & not agressive at all - I couldn't be happier!

  • @jeskat33:

    Thanks everyone!

    I did get the dog & she is unbelievably sweet & not agressive at all - I couldn't be happier!

    I love happy endings! Enjoy your new friend. 🙂

  • Great news!


  • i know its not a chihauha but my basenji (who is pretty high prey driven) plays with a chinese crested as well as a mini foxy. it just depends the temperment of the dog.s

    great news shes got on so well, any photos?

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