• Who's got a mutt. If so, what kind.

  • We have 2 mutts. Shelby is what we call a labrasenji, labrador retriever and besenji mix. Vince is anybody's guess. The shelter called him a basenji mix but he doesn't exactly act like one. He is at least 50% snugglebunny.:D

  • Gypsy is a golden retriever mixed with….. something with long legs and lean waist. She used to be built for speed, but now as an old woman tends to have less of a waistline -- but then, who doesn't? LOL

  • Hollie is a basenji/whippet mix. Lots of running FAST and hunting squirrels. The shelter had Hollie listed as a whippet mix, but it didn't take long to discover her personality is ALL basenji!!!

  • The shelter listed goober as a Shepard/chow mix. Shepard I can see. But Chow?

  • I would guess that goober is a some type of Terrier mix, like a Parson Russel…
    I would never guess Chow...gggg....
    Of course depends on how big he gets.... that might say more about what breeds he is...

  • Duke is our 1st and we think he is Basenji-Parson (Jack) Russell
    Dais is our 2nd and we think she is Basenji-Beagle

  • The reason I said Parson Russell is because of the "ear" fold… that is pretty typical terrier, I think....

  • The ear fold is gone. It was floppy only for a day or two when we got him.

  • My Lucy is Basenji and Corgi. The shelter had her listed as just Corgi, but she doesn't really look like one at all except for the ears. But all her vet paperwork from when she was at the shelter has Corgi crossed out and Basenji put in it's place.

  • I recently saw on TV there is now DNA testing that can tell us EXACTLY what mix of dog we own. I believe they are testing for 134 different breeds currently. This is a blood test. Saliva test is available, but doesn't test for as many breeds and if a re-test is necessary they would need additional salvia, blood can be used over for a re-test. This was on one of the early morning national news programs… I can't remember which. Long live the MUTT!

  • I recently got a Basenji mix. I am not sure exactly what she is mixed with though. She is about 40lbs, but looks almost 100% Basenji. She is very powerful and a little broad chested. I am lucky with her though. She exhibits all the great characteristics of a Basenji, but almost none of the bad ones. 🙂

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