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@morsesa The photos are there. You just have to let it load.

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This is the best picture I could get because she wouldn’t stop moving. Usually, her tail is up and curled in the shape of a “C”.

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@eeeefarm I’m not sure how y’all she is but when we went to the dog park, there were some pure basenjis there and she was about their height. They looked to be full grown. She weighs about 19 pounds

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@basenjimom2 I will once I get home from work. Her name is Cleo. Short for Foxy Cleopatra because she kind of looks like a fox. lol

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Hello all! I got a dog from a shelter about 3 months ago and I absolutely love her to death. The shelter rescued her from a puppy mill across the country and I bought her the day she came in. She has been attached to my hip ever since but I cannot for the life of me figure out her breed. I’ve done some digging online (because doggy DNA tests are pricey) and I believe she may be a basenji long hair chihuahua mix. She has basenji mannerisms but barks like a chihuahua. (I know basenjis don’t necessarily “bark”). Does anyone have an opinion on what she could be?!

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