Possible basenji mix?

She is ADORABLE - she looks like a little fox 🦊 - especially with that cute bushy tail. She does appear to be part Basenji. Congratulations on your new addition!

@basenjimom2 I will once I get home from work. Her name is Cleo. Short for Foxy Cleopatra because she kind of looks like a fox. lol

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@eeeefarm I’m not sure how y’all she is but when we went to the dog park, there were some pure basenjis there and she was about their height. They looked to be full grown. She weighs about 19 pounds


This is the best picture I could get because she wouldn’t stop moving. Usually, her tail is up and curled in the shape of a “C”.

She looks long in the back for a Basenji, they are more square. But definitely has some suggestive characteristics.

@eeeefarm They SHOULD be square ! but many are far too long backed ! LOL

@eeeefarm She does look long in the back, I agree, but, Strawberrykiwi, in my opinion she is far more basenji-like than many pictured on this forum an recognised as 'might be basenjis'. She is certainly a sweetie. I'd chance my arm and say that she is possibly a cross Basenji. I've seen many in my long Basenji associated life that have been very similar and pure bred. I accept that many people concern themselves as tho their rescue's genetics but personally think "Does it matter?" she is obviously loved and in my current and future !Basenjiless state would love to have her in my home. .

@patty said in Possible basenji mix?:

and in my current and future !Basenjiless state would love to have her in my home. .

Oh but WHY, Patty - That is so sad. Don't share if you don't want to, just accept sincere sympathies from one who couldn't be without a Basenji - which is why Mku entered my life.

@morsesa The photos are there. You just have to let it load.

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