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Hello from Washington, DC! My husband and I are adding a young male basenji to our household later in 2017.

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@Cafu That's awesome you also have a Marjani boy! Are you located in the DC area? Do you know which of Julie's dogs are his parents? My boy is from Penny and Fubu.

Lincoln will be 2 in February and hasn't shown any aggression in the dog park (but he is closely monitored). He doesn't seem to have many of the typical basenji traits, which we were not expecting. He has a dog walker that he loves and goes to daycare with her once a week. He is a very sweet, sensitive, and cuddly boy. I really think Julie does a great job of breeding for temperament, because Lincoln has the best personality!

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Not new to the forum, but I felt Lincoln deserved an introductory post as he has now arrived home!!

Born Feb. 2016 (he is almost 1 year 7 months old)
Shares his birthday with President Abraham Lincoln
AKC Champion (now retired)
27 lbs, 17.5 inches tall

His favorite things to do are: nap for hours under a warm blanket; watch me from another room by swiveling his head around 180 degrees; running around in circles when he is antsy; and sprinting at full speed around the park.0_1504559041860_Lincoln cave bed 9-4-17.jpg

0_1504559022216_Lincoln pretzel 9-4-17.jpg

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@DebraDownSouth I'm coming home for my lunch hour each day. We just moved to a new apartment very close to my work - so that I can give him enough exercise during the workday. I'll post some more photos!!!

0_1504558439428_Cave Bed 9-2-17.JPG 0_1504558461571_Welcome Home cake 9-2-17.JPG

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Happy update: Lincoln arrived home 3 days ago and seems to be adjusting well. He's a little timid in the city environment since he has not been exposed a lot of the loud noises. He's gradually getting used to getting affection from us and seeks out cuddles on the couch. I go back to work tomorrow and am so nervous about leaving him alone (I think I have separation anxiety myself, LOL)...

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0_1499887227751_Lincoln at show 3.jpg

Happy update - this little dude just got his championship this past weekend. Here he is looking adorable ringside!

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Does this puppy look like a basenji mix to you? I would like to contact the owner to let her know about BRAT, but I wanted to get people's opinions on whether she looks like a basenji. I thought the shape of her head and her markings were very similar.

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In regards to giza1's post - I'm originally from Ohio so I had to look this up... Can't believe there is a retired show dog on Craigslist...

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@Kebasmom Yes, he is! What a small world :)

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@Kebasmom Yes! :) Where do you know him from?

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@wizard He was smiling the whole time we were with him. He loves people - his tail goes crazy when he sees someone coming. He also gives lots of kisses!