Is she a basenji mix

If I just look at her body it suggests Basenji. How tall is she? Not square enough and of course the head and ears aren't right, but a mix, possibly.

IMO, there's a basenji back in her family - but something bigger too. She definitely has a basenji's eyes.
Not smelling like a 'dog' when wet is a basenji trait. If she smells like a dog, it does not mean there is no basenji in her, just that if she has that trait, it can be put in the 'basenji in background' column.

I am perhaps in the minority but in almost 40 years of breeding and living with Basenjis, I have yet to have one play 'catch' with a ball. Other dogs find them in the woods by the hundreds and carry them in their mouths, often to the disgust of their owners if they are particularly dirty (and therefore desirable).

My pack - never a one.

The color and the white feet and tail tip are the only 'basenji' features that I can see in this lovely doggie. Nothing else screams 'BASENJI' at me.

However, if it really matters to your enjoyment of such a super pet, you can always get a DNA test. Do let us know the results !

@xyz123 I think the second picture shows a number of Basenji traits. Her paws, eye color, fur and markings... I'd gamble a Basenji Mix... No clue what she's mixed with. If you decide to do a DNA, please be sure to share the results with us.

@roxir said in Is she a basenji mix:

How I get one a female baladi

@roxir ... what is a "baladi"?

I have no idea what she is, but I am sitting here with a smile on my face looking at her pictures. She is a cutie! Enjoy your life with her.

WHAT a beauty!!!! Sadie may be part Basenji, but whatever she is I am sure you and she are going to have a great life together!!!!♥ ♥

Yes, Sadie is a great part of the family. We have the curious as to what breeds made this "perfect" dog!!

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