• Hi! I got my 3 year old mix, Aspen, from a friend who had rescued a small pregnant Chi in a snowstorm, so the breed she’s mixed with is pretty unknown especially when her straight tail started to curl. She’s pretty big too, a friend has a pure Basenji and she’s pretty similar in size. It’d be greatly appreciated to get some opinions on what she may be if she isn’t Basenji. At some point I will get her DNA tested, but it’d be nice to have an idea! Thank you!!0_1538357260089_F095E725-58BF-4E22-BC45-2D29964DB314.jpeg 0_1538357397298_2C77D928-E3A1-4202-AB5E-C0016FDE5038.jpeg

  • I really see no indications of basenji. But she is very cute!

  • I don't see any Basenji either but I do see some Sheba Inu - something about the head suggests Sheba to me.

    Anyway, she's gorgeous !

  • I don't think she has Basenji in her make-up but she's lovely. I am more au fait with Basenjis than other dogs so couldn't really guess her make-up. Be warned though that as soon as a dog of unknown origins has a curly tail and facial wrinkles people assume Basenji. If you desperately need to know, a DNA test could be the answer but I'm sure you love her whatever (and no wonder!).

  • Beautiful dog! DNA test will give you the answer!

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    Hi Megan. She IS a beauty but I agree with everyone else. Aside from her curly tail, I see no evidence in her appearance of having any Basenji. One BIG question no one seems to ask: does she have a freckled belly and compare her paw pads to that of a wolf. ONLY Basenji match those of a wolf EXACTLY as they are the closest relative to the wolf (like the wolf, they only come into gestation ONCE annually). Enjoy her!

  • There are quite a few other breeds with the same paws.

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    Wow Megan. I just looked @ my Basenji book again and it is INCORRECT. I did some research online and there ARE other breeds who have disconnected paw pads like a wolf. Thanx for the lesson!

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