I Know Your Pottytrained but C'Mon!

  • Here is a story I wanted to share with everyone. While going through this I am not happy but now I can sit back and laugh :rolleyes:

    When we first brought Chance home a few months ago, we were determined to crate train him at night. About the first week into it we gave in. I lost my sanity. Working full time then going to school in the evenings, you sorta need your sleep and he kept me awake no matter what room we put him in and it didin't matter how much you shoved the ear plugs in your ears…they don't work.
    Chance has learned to love the bed and he takes the WHOLE BED! Pushing my boyfriend to the corner and putting his butt in my face :o

    It's taken sometime and now I can say that he is POTTY TRAINED!!!! He runs to the door and will even do a little dance to let us know its time 😃
    When our little guy gets excited he does a B-500 sprint throughout the entire house and runs and jumps onto the bed and digs and tuggs the pillows. Then he finds a corner (always on my side of the bed) and tinkles. Of course he sprints while he is doing this so I have a pee trail going down my comforter. :mad: No matter what I do he keeps doing this. Even if I take him outside to potty, if excited, he will tinkle on my bed.
    We have even installed a 4 ft tall baby gate in our bedroom to keep him out and it works except for when he gets excited. He doesn't do this on the couch or even on the floor. Just My Bed!!!!!

  • Gosh, it sounds like he might have a marking behavior going on. Is he neutered? I wish I had some advice for you, but, luckily, although I've only had male dogs throughout my life, I haven't experienced in-house marking. I'm sure someone will have some advice.

    You've got my sympathy, that CAN'T be fun. 😞

  • He won't be neutered until he is 1 year old. At first I thought it was just a "puppy thing" but now I am starting to wonder. I know he can hold his potty but why is it only my bed?

  • I think it's a puppy thing cause Abby does it to but not so much when she's excited, she just does it. like one night we were getting ready for bed and she pped on the bed and we had to change everything. she doesn't do it all the time, and she is potty trained she is ten months old this month. i think she does it to mark her space. now she did pee a little on the couch the other evening (thank god for leather) but i think that was cause she's in season and it was just a little. maybe it's just a B thing.

  • Dash did that too. So did our beagle. I really don't get it either. We started closing the door so they could not go in there when we weren't in there. We haven't had a problem since. He didn't do it when he was excited either, just when he had to go.

  • Sigh, I hate to say it but I'm in the club too. My B Stick, who is a year old now, has been known to pee on our bed. Just like you, he does it when he's really excited not because he has to go. It's been two months since he's last done it though…maybe they grow out of it? Let's cross our fingers and hope that's the case!

  • How old is stick? Abby still does it and she is ten months, maybe she will grow out of as well.

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