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We need another Basenji in our life and are looking for a female tri-color. We live in Oregon so we could travel to NoCal or Idaho or even Utah.

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How do you upvote something like this. I have thought about losing my Zaki and can't stand the thought of it. My heart goes out to you.

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Not only did it do the trick but he seems much happier (mine smiles, don't know about yours) and some of you mentioned that they know when bedtime is and Zaki started doing the same thing, he would look at me and sometimes even pull on my pant leg and then he would give me that "Look" and I would say "let's go to bed" and he would run up the stairs and go right in and lie down. I only wish I had asked about this with you guys much earlier.

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Well, I uploaded this MP4 to Google drive let me know what you think, is he ready?

Video Link

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Yes, and they will put a logo on it for you too. We own a business and blue is our color so the next one will have our business logo on it. We are going to make a video of how best to secure your dog in a moving car, so he will end up being the star on that segment.

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That did the trick. Thanks.

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Hi Leigh,

I am no expert by any means but I found myself in that same position this Spring. I wanted a Basenji and my wife was a bit reticent, for two reasons, what she had read and the fact we had never owned a dog before. We had a lot of the issues you described, but over time Zaki and his pack (me and Lois and Matt) worked things out. It only took about a year and two chairs and a couch later. I have learned a great deal but I have to say that I would not trade the process or my dear friend Zaki for anything.

I too was afraid of letting him off the leash, but we have such a close relationship, that when he does get away, all I have to do is tell him I have some cheese, or I am going to "GO" or turn my back on him (which he hates) and he comes running back. I have gotten him to sit, stand up, we call it "wanna dance", lie down, roll over, touch, he gives me "high fours" and he fetches just about anything you can think of. Yes, it was difficult and there were some VERY long nights working all this out, but I have to say, love goes along way, both ways. And I will tell you, this forum has been a great help, these people have basenji blood running through their veins.

Patience, love, lots of "good boy's", treats and exercise that's all you need.

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I have a great deal of trouble getting my 10month Basenji to stay in the kennel at night. He howls for hours and when I can't stand it any longer and come downstairs I find that he has pee'd all over the floor. My wife is going nuts and I need to fix this. HELP me

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In Portland Oregon it rains all the time during the Winter, so we got Zaki his very own raincoat. He still does not like getting his toes wet.

I also made a video of Zaki lure coursing in the living room but it was 1.8MB. Does anyone have any ideas on how to show that video another way?


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