• How do I get the cat from thinking he is a dog. Everytime I throw a toy for Chance to get…the cat runs right after it...thats the problem..he runs. Then the dog goes after the cat and it becomes a fur flyin event. The dog pulls out the cats hair and the cat chews the dogs ears!
    I gotta stop this :eek:
    The water bottle isn't working. The baby gate is just a mear obsticle for the cat and he jumps right over it in a second.
    The poor cat doesn't seem to realize that not too long from now...the dog will be much bigger than he is and the cat isn't going to win 😕
    I can already see something bad happening. A scratched dog and a bald
    cat 😞
    Any suggestions???

  • Oh, I think the cat will realize her limitations as Chance's growth progresses. Right now, the banter is tolerable for both, otherwise this play wouldn't be possible. Atleast cat realizes she can escape over the baby gate. She'll only get better at it. Think of it as good practice for both. Hopefully! 😃

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