If I didn't love her so much!

  • Well, Callie has to have a remote collar, much as I hate it! She just doesn't seem to listen when she sees a rabbit, squirrel, deer, cat, or mouse, or anything, lol! Anyway, we've had it for a couple of months, and when we go for walks, she has to wear it, as we live surrounded by farm land, and woods! Today, we went out through the fields, and she saw a rabbit! Since I mostly only ever use the tone to get her to listen, it didn't work today, so I tried the lowest shock! Nothing! I didn't have it around her neck tight enough! Oh, great! Off through the woods she went, with me screaming my lungs out! Finally, she decides to come back, and somehow ends up in a sheep pasture, surrounded by fence. Meanwhile, her mommy, who broke a rib two weeks ago, has to climb up over the metal gates, two of them because they are padlocked, to go in and retrieve the muddy and sheep poopy dog! I had to lift her up and over, hang her down as far as I could,and drop her to get her out, twice! Needless to say, we came home and took a bath, lol! I was NOT in a very good mood!

  • So, why isn't this dog on on leash????? So you use the collar to shock her when she isn't listening? Did someone professionally train her using a shock collar, or did you just put in on her, and shock her when you don't like what she is doing?

    I am just speechless! If you loved her more, you would put a leash on her 😕

  • No, I bought the collar, because it doesn't hurt, it just startles her! I used it on myself, before I ever even bought one! Actually, my husband and I both did! It is only used, when she runs off from me! It is on the lowest setting! A lot of rescues, won't even allow a dog to be adopted, if they don't have a fence, or a shock fence, which is the equivelant of what Callie feels, if she runs off! My dog is also part Catahoula, and if she doesn't get to run, she isn't happy! It is the only way to get her to come back. Like I said, I have had the collar for several months, and have only used the shock three times. one time, when she took off after a deer, one time, when she was racing for the road, and the last time, was when she disappeared up over the hill, chasing wild geese! The rest of the time,she comes from the five beeps on the collar! The sound function! Believe me, if it hurt, I wouldn't use it!

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    How do you know?

  • Because she spends most of her day, begging to go out and run! She won't rest until she does!

  • Did you ever see Whippet races? Callie runs like that! She runs the length of the field, and back, over and over! She just loves to run! The collar was a LAST resort! You can judge me if you want, I'm sorry you don't agree with them, but I tried everything else! I got a CD with the collar, to train Callie with, and it is working, that's all I can say! WITH the sound function!

  • I course my dogs and so does Andrea so I think we both understand very well how much joy our dogs get from running but I walk my dogs leashed. I do a variety of activities to get my dogs the stimulation they need like agility, obedience classes, lure coursing, sprint racing. As for the shock collar not hurting it is not just about physical pain, it is that the dog doesn't know what you are shocking it for. If you have not trained a behavior, giving a correction will not get you that behavior or even stop the unwanted behavior. What it will do is create a dog that totally shuts down, does not want to come, or redirects its frustration at the things around it. I just went to a very well presented seminar by a well respected behavior consultant who talked about just this thing.

  • So, how does it work…do you say "come" and if she doesn't respond you "beep" her? Clearly, at some point she had to get the shock to have made the connection with the beep. And it had to have been startling enough to have made an impact.

    Of course it is your choice. And I can understand your desire to let her run...but, there are other options...like dog parks, or fences, lure coursingor even underground invisible fences are better because the are 100% reliable about when the warning and correction come...humans can never be that reliable.

    My dogs run like that every day in their fenced yard....

    I am sorry if it sounded like I was attacking you....I have had a hard day 🙂

  • Also…did you know that if she kills a wild bird (except starlings or house sparrows) that is a federal offense? And harrassing any wildlife is also a federal offense....that means chasing deer. I know you use the collar to control that behavior, but honestly, by your description, it doesn't sound like you can stop her chasing before it starts...and that is harrasing wildlife.

    Just food for thought....

  • It's ok, I understand! I HATE people who abuse dogs, and I really don't have an area to take her to, that is safe! We live 12 miles from town! Yes, the first time she took off after a deer, she associated the beep with the mild shock, and she comes now! My friends have the shock fence that you are referring to, but it still doesn't work all of the time. Their dogs race off after deer! They live on a deer farm! They learn that they get a mild shock if they get near the fence, and Callie knows she will get a mild shock, if she doesn't obey the beep! Since I"ve only done it three times, she gets several chances with the beep, and usually obeys with the beep,when the tone of voice, gets to me saying "NOW!!"

  • That is why I want to stop her. Catahoulas are trained to chase after cows, and pigs, and herd them! I have cows, and horses, and sheep around my home also! She wants to eat their poo and roll in it! I told you I have two very different breeds in my dog, and I'm trying to cope with them both, because she is such a smart animal! I know I'm not perfect; I'm just trying to do my best! I have had two previous dogs that I trained without the collars, and had no problems! My first was 14 and a half, and had to be put down from arthritis, and my second, was over 16, and had to be put down because he collaped of old age and was unconscious! I never even thought of a collar for them! But this dog is different and I love her also. I am planning on taking her to obedience classes sometime this spring, so hopefully she will calm down, and listen better after that!

  • I still don't understand if you have trained her to "stop" and "come" first before giving her the warning. She has to be trained to know what the expectations are, and then get a correction if she doesn't cooperate.
    Right, that is my point....a lot of dogs, particularly dogs like Basenjis are willing to take a shock to do what they want. I see a day when your dog says, yeah, I'll take the beep, and the shock to get that deer, and get hit by a car....it happens all the time.

  • Yes, I trained her to stop, come, stay, now, sit, roll over, shake left paw, right paw, beg, lay down, but for some reason, when her mind gets set on something, she can't hear me! The beep gets her attention!

  • @Kate:

    Yes, I trained her to stop, come, stay, now, sit, roll over, shake left paw, right paw, beg, lay down, but for some reason, when her mind gets set on something, she can't hear me! The beep gets her attention!

    The reason is, she is part Basenji! There is a great book/CD out there called something like "training a really reliable recall" It is about how to get an awesome recall using positive reinforcement. You might look into it. Part of the deal though, is you don't take it on the road until the dog is really, really reliable.

  • That sounds good!
    I am working with the positive reinforcement, and for the most part it works, just in that instance she goes "deaf". I also "clicker" train Callie, and she loves that!

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