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Nice pictures! You have a lot of beautifull animals. 🙂

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Thank you all for nice words about my boy. 🙂 Im very glad he is gentle with the kittens, 3 of them are staying with me, togheter with the mummy to two of them.

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Thanks 🙂

The big black is my Giant Schnauzer Kahlo. 🙂

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Long time… So we just pop in to say hello with some new pics from Kasko.

We have moved and this is our new paradise:

He is now 7 months old. And, if I may say it my self - he is pretty! And silly:


Relaxing in the sun:

He thinks he is twice as big as Kahlo…

Got it!


Kasko has found a new friend, my horse: Lady

Where there is food, there is Kasko:

If I just strech…

and grab…

Got it!

Yummy, apple with horse saliva:

I have open my home to rescue kittens, homeless and born in the wild, so they'll stay with me untill we can find them new homes. And of course, Kasko had to meet them:

"What is that? Its not a dog, and not food…"

The kittens are tiny…

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I really hope this will lead to more controlls… Fortunatly I have never used the vet's in question.

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Wow great pics! 😃 Looks like she is having the time of her life. Wonderfull!

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Kasko is getting big. He is 5,5 months old. His new nickname is "vepsen" Wasp in english. Why? Because he sounds like one when he is tired. The fact that Kahlo is 4 times bigger than him dosent stop him from trying to attac her when he is tired. Fortunatly Kahlo is gentle with him and we are getting the problem under controll.

So, more pictures:

He is 4 month on these pictures:

Truls hunts Kahlo, Kasko hunts Truls:

He wants to be a giant when he grows up, so he has to practise:

Movie: How to really enjoy life, Giant (and basenji) style:
pardon the norwegian text.

How to use a giant as a bed (mobile pictures, pardon the quality):


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Wonderfull pictures! Love the horse in the background. 🙂

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That is my hope too, that she at some point will realise that she needs help, and then maby someone can help her.

It feels a bit useless to save the basenjis when she just went out and got some new dogs - but for the dogs we got away from her, it probably made the difference between a life in neglect and a good life, so then it was worth it.

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I know for a fact that she has at least 3 dogs - rumor has it that it is 6 or more. I guess she has a timelimit to rehome them or leave norway or else they will be removed from her, again. I'm starting to feel sorry for her, she obviously have no idea that what she is doing is wrong… its just sad.

Just the idea of breeding a 6 months old bitch with her own father... I'm out of words.

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