• As I have been getting used to my new to me basenji, Rowdy, I've been musing on his habits and traits as they might have applied to his evolution in the settings of African tribes. For instance, the way he grabs the trash, grazes the counters, runs with candy wrappers makes me visulize a little dog having to grab what he/she can from the human society around and run.

    Also the funny quirky character of the basenji I see as a trait developed to disarm the humans and make humans love them and so accept their presence and their mischief with laughter.

    The way the basenji rushes into a new environment with curiosity and snoopy nose agoin' everywhere I can see as their hunting ability for the tribespeople who encourage that.

    Maybe even the nipping is developed because in a tribe a dog must have some way of defending his/her trash teasures and keep up with all the other dogs and humans.

    Anyway, maybe you all have thought these things before on the forum. It is interesting and makes me like Rowdy for what he is. Do you see any other tribe like characteristics they have?

  • yes, the jumping up and down, in Africa some of them are called "the jumping dog". 🙂 and the snuggle lovability..it is said that the africans when it rains will give up their own bed and give it to their basenji hunter. somehow i can really understand that. 🙂

  • One oddity, though. I think Africa is quite rainy at times – wonder why the basenji usually hates rain?

  • oh yeah, that is puzzling?

    they dig holes in the dirt to cool off from the heat.

    they sleep on each other to keep warm.

    Cairo eats grass seeds only in my back yard. I havent cut it to help it grow and seed a bit and he runs around and eats the seeds….

  • Our will not go out in the rain on their own but will go out with you!

    Our red is just like a wild dog. Will not come when called, but will come if you call the other dog!

    She kills instantly, Is very aloof with strangers, likes to climb, a very wary dog.

  • I learned a lot from this commentary about basenjis in Africa.

  • Barkless, what a beautiful photo! Tasha, that letter is interesting. I agree that it seems the basenji is a dog who needs something constructive to do to keep him busy.

  • how about their coats for camoflage….

    I remember Beta who was a tri, laying in the sun near some florida pams and it was really sunny. One of those days when the leaves were bright but the shadows were really dark. I couldnt see her! She completely camoflaged into the scenery.

    I suppose the red basenjis can camoflage into a sandy setting?

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