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yea fela likes to lick everything too, i was thinking maybe it was the fabric softener i use.

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We had our first two basenjis 18 years before they died, 18 glorious years with our two friends that allowed us to love and care for them. Are you ready to commit to the next 18 years with your loving basenji when your adult life hasnt even started yet? my advice to you is to wait until you are settled into an adult independent life style before you commit to the love of a basenji. 🙂

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my basenji book from South Africa finally arrived, and i have to rave about it..It's called Call of the Marsh..a story of a young couple raising pet basenjis in the 1950s in Africa, written as a journal. I cant say enough for this wonderful loving and expressive book. 🙂

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happy birthday to lillie….what kind of party hat did you get her? i got felakuti a Sponge Bob hat, a candle in a string cheese stick, and a big nyla bone. 🙂

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I am so happy that you adopted those two. what a wonder basenji person you are. 🙂 thank you for giving them a forever home.

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personally, i dont think a basenji is the breed for you under your circumstances. Unless the whole family, especially your mother, is ready to make the committment of raising a "difficult" breed it isnt a good idea. how about a nice yellow lab, or one of those tiny breeds, i bet your mom would like having one of those around. 🙂 good luck

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we had a gated area for ours to play…when they got too excited and started that nipping we just stepped over the gate and turned our back on them. Similar to a "time out". 🙂 They both outgrew that nipping with time.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the basenjis who are celebrating around this time. Fela Kuti will be a year old tomorrow and Nyahbinghi will be a year old on the 27th. what fun. how lucky we are to have our basinjis accepting our love and devotion. 🙂

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Have any of you read "Candle" by Sally Ann SMith? what a sweet story, will give you a lump in your throat…my husband ordered Call of the Marsh by Jill Wylie, a copy coming from South Africa. can hardly wait to read it.

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Savannah is Magic's mother, so maybe you might want to read heart of Savannah first. just got August Magic for christmas, oh what a tearjerker of a story, but i loved it. 🙂 do you think it would make a good movie?

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