Any thoughts on what other breed in this basenji?

So we are in the process of trying to adopt a 1yr old basenji and it is just list as a basenji mix but no other info. He is about 40lbs, we were thinking maybe a little bit of heeler or something?


Blue Heeler or Australian shepherd maybe? If so, hope you're prepared for massive energy, lol. Where is the dog listed? Can you contact them?

Also have you looked at BRAT?

I don't know what mix of basenji he might be but he is GORGEOUS! A handsome boy!

Yea we can’t wait. Just finalizing the application right now. He was a stray that was picked up by a high kill shelter and now at a high save rate shelter that we are working with

Brindle coloring; i’m Guessing boxer or stafford bull terrier.

Compare the length of hair, the weight, the face; give hints of a dog that’s a little bigger & bulkier.
Beautiful looking dog!

He looks just like my girl I adopted except lighter, and the vet put her down as part boxer. Does the tail curve to one side , Im asking because a boxer with an undocked tail curves over the back.

Don't know what he's mixed with, but he IS gorgeous! Beautiful markings, love that brindle coloring.

Gorgeous boy!! Definite Basenji ears 🙂

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