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So I’ve always wanted a dog but my mom is allergic so that’s always been an issue. She would even get sick around my cousin’s toy poodle. But I finally convinced my mom to let me get a dog but it has to be a clean dog that doesn’t shed, or doesn’t shed a lot at least. After doing some research I’ve realized Basenji’s are a great breed for this criteria. I think they are also super super adorable. I have allergies myself with dogs but I don’t care about it.

My questions are,

Do Basenji mixes shed more than pure bred Basenji’s? Like a Pitbull and basenji mix for example? Any Basenji mix with a breed that does shed regularly, does that mean the Basenji will shed more than a Basenji that is pure bred?

I’ve read some people say their Basenji’s don’t shed at all, and some do a lot. Do you think owning a Basenji in Michigan is a factor?

And do you think Basenji’s are great for first time dog owners? I have a lot of experience with dogs because I dog sit often. I’m completely committed to doing whatever it takes to train and provide the best care for my dog. But I’m sort of jumping the gun right now because I won’t get one until I graduate so that I can have the most time to spend with my future pet. I’m just excited so I’ve been doing research now so I know what to expect when the time does come to finally get one.


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