• Lisatest question:
    I would like to get some feedback. How many have gotten their Basenji as a puppy vs one that is one year or older? How many have gone through a rescue for their Basenji?

    I got all of mine as puppies. But I have gotten other dogs as older dogs.

  • I got Tillo as a puppy. He was a lot of work, but now after a year I can say he really calmed down a lot. And I loved him as a pup 😃 Next one (b or not) will probably be a pup..

  • I have 3 - 2 I got as 2yo adults (show dog retirees) and recently added a pup to the mix. I would say they all had an adjustment period coming into the house (the adults took about a month) but the pup is definitely more work (and I think based on a lot of the stories I've read on here, mine has been really good with the crate and house training.). There is no difference in how bonded they are to me or my family (pup vs. adult).

  • Over the years….we bought one as a pup (had 2 older basenjis at the time). She was a lot of work, thought we would NEVER completely house train her! All the rest as adults, mostly 2-3 years old. Bonding has been pretty fast with all, and even those who had never been in a house "got it" with housetraining within a day or so. I do love puppies, and every year I think about getting one...but...then I wake up and remember the year of hell that goes with it!
    We also had a littler many years ago and kept 3 boys. That was a lot of fun, but again, housetraining 3 brothers was not easy!

    All the rest have been adult rescues, 1 through BRAT and all the others 'free to good home' or 'can you take this dog!?!' . All have bonded well with us, and with other dogs here. Some were only neglected, some nearly starved, one has chain scars on her neck and a bit of buckshot in a leg, but all adjusted nicely to "the good life".

  • I have 4, all I got as pups. One was 4+ months old when I got him which was different than having a young pup. He was mostly housebroken at that point and wasn't into as much stuff, though needed tons of chew toys because he was right at teething age. Pups are alot of work but mostly they just need a good schedule and consistent rules which really isn't much different than bringing an adult home. With both you should plan on taking them to a positive reinforcement obedience class.

  • We got our Basenji as a puppy.

    We had recently lost an American Eskimo that had been brought in by animal control for Rabies Observation and was scheduled for Euthanization at the Vet clinic she used to work at in Iowa. He was two years old when she got him. That dog lived with Miranda for 2 years prior to meeting me and 12 years with us after we met.

    We also were able to rescue a Boston Terrier from a woman that was breeding and raising them. She was being abused by her husband who had gone as far as threatening her with a gun. When we discovered this was going on, we took her to the sheriffs dept and was able to get her and her 6 year old daughter out of that situation. I assisted her in going to get her belongings and discovered they were raising these bostons but the husband had stopped feeding them. The mother and the puppy I got were the last two dogs alive. That Boston lives with us today 6 year later.

    We contacted rescue to get a Basenji but when we did not get a response we moved one. We have accepted that this does happen sometimes. We ended up getting our Basenji puppy from a Back Yard Breeder. Our Back Yard Breeder did a follow up call to check on the puppy, and has been in touch with us several times so I would not describe him as typical. To this day I can pick up the phone and contact him.

    After being educated by Tanza, Ivoss, and many others on this chat board we tested our puppy for Fanconi and we were very lucky that he tested clear. We improved the quality of the food we feed him and found an excellent Vet familiar with Basenji's and sporting dogs. We waited until Roo was at least a year old so we could be sure his growth plates were finished and then we had him neutered. Although we wish we could have the opportunity to show our Basenji it is not in the cards so we are planning to get him involved in Agility and Lure coursing.

    Since we are considering getting another puppy, we plan on acquiring this puppy through a responsible breeder if it happens for us. We understand that a good home is the most important thing for any type of dog to receive. Hopefully we can find a show quality puppy that we will be able to finish. We are not interested in breeding so we hope we can accomplish this.

    Right now I am trying to figure out how I am to be able to walk three dogs at once without killing myself. Even the Boston has a prey drive and if Two Basenji's see a Squirrel, Bird, Rabbit or something else, am I doomed to be dragged off in to the trees as they chase after their prey.


  • First Basenji was a pup.
    Next Basenji was 8 year old rescue.

    Puppies are the cutest. Adorable.
    Tons of work. Might do it again

    My old rescue is the sweetest
    thing. I am kind of glad some
    body else went through the
    puppy phase with her. She
    came to us fairly well trained.

    So my verdict…...........
    Depends on the situation next time
    but leaning towards older dog.

  • I like the older dogs, everyone is wanting a puppy, and these are so many adult b's that make wonderful pets.
    They seem to appreciate the "good" life as was mentioned above.
    Puppies, well, they just expect it! laugh

  • 1st Basenji was a 1 year old rescue (dumped due to cleft palate).
    2nd was a 10 week old pup from breeder.

    Wasn't planning on getting a 3rd, but recently ended up with a 17 week old pup that a BYB was trying to get rid of.

    I'd say so far all of them bonded about the same. The one year old was sticking to me like glue after 1 day. She was always more attached to me than the 10 week old. I think she just appreciated someone giving her a loving home.

  • We got both of ours as adults.

    Fiji was from a home that had raised her from a pup and had to give her up - she was almost 3.

    Bongo was in a shelter in TX and we got him sight unseen (using a patched together Basenji Railroad). He was 4 years old, neglected, skinny and jumpy - no puppy issues but other issues for sure.

    They're both well integrated into our family and urban life now. We raised lots of puppies over the years but I'd never do it again; I'm totally sold on adopting adult dogs.

  • My first 2 B's were puppies… and o la la so much work !! I would really really love to adopt my next B, however that's not really much of an option in France/Switzerland as they are rarely found abandoned. So as much as I prefer an adult dog, looks like it will be another baby for me.

  • I got Kananga as an 8-month old puppy.

    It was an easy transition. Much easier than I anticipated. He was house trained 100% within a week or two. Very few accidents. He also could sleep peacefully overnight. I've done the puppy things twice and it is in fact a lot more work but some people are willing to put up with it (or can). I knew I wouldn't have the time or patience.

    I had no issues with him bonding. Took him probably a solid month or two to fully adjust. He's a happy boy. 🙂

  • @lvoss:

    I have 4, all I got as pups. One was 4+ months old when I got him which was different than having a young pup. He was mostly housebroken at that point and wasn't into as much stuff, though needed tons of chew toys because he was right at teething age. Pups are alot of work but mostly they just need a good schedule and consistent rules which really isn't much different than bringing an adult home. With both you should plan on taking them to a positive reinforcement obedience class.

    +1 on this. I would say that a schedule and consistent rules have been a major factor in how well things have gone with my pup.

  • I've had 4 B's so far. Rocky was a year old when we got him, Adrianne was 6 months, Maggie was almost 4 (when we got her back) and mia we got at 8 weeks.

    Rocky had HORRIBLE anger problems, and food aggression issues. he still kinda does to this day. (He will soon be 4) he's VERY skittish around new people. and doesn't like to be touched and has sent my boyfriend to the hospital after he bit him. He's aggressive towards our other two B's also.

    Adrianne could NOT be potty trained. you could walk her for 15 minutes, she wouldnt go, and then she would go as soon as you took her leash off inside. Nothing seemed to break her of her habit. Her and Rocky came from the same place. (A-bug passed away a few years ago).

    Maggie was rescued back from my boyfriend's ex. Most of you know about that situation from the thread i made when we first got her back. She still has trouble with pottying in the house. No where near as frequently, maybe once every week or two, so she's progressing but it has taken a year. I take her out at least every 2-3 hours to make sure she goes.

    Mia, the only one we've raised from a puppy, is probably the best of the 4. She WILL NOT potty in the house. She will cry and whine and chase her tail to let you know she has to go. She is much more loveable than mag or rocky, maybe because the other two were neglected so much.

    I guess what that shows, in my case at least, is that if an older dog is neglected or abused in a previous situation it may be harder to get them integrated into your household and trained. You do not know how the previous owner may have done things. from a pup you can make sure to enforce training issues and they do pick up quickly, at least Mia did. Mia also bonded to Dan and I within a few days. Even now she follows us around and has to be right next to us. The other two are fine being alone or in a different room.

  • Houston

    I got Otis at 4 months, mainly because we have two younger kids and were worried about bringing a rescue in, not knowing what the poor dog had been through. I looked for a rescue for a while but there were none in Texas to be found, so we ended up going the puppy route. I got him from a BYB, not knowing any better, but I have been very pleased with my BYB guy. I can call with any questions and he calls to check up on us and make sure things are going well. If I understand it right that is not very common with BYB's. I did do my research on Fanconi and both of Otis' parents are tested and on the OFFA site…probably clear/normal. Otis adjusted very well and has not skipped a beat. I contribute that to the fact that we have two other dogs, 4yr old Dachshund and 10mo old Schnorkie, so from day one he had somebody to keep him occupied. I am a stay at home mom, so time is not an issue, but I understand peeps that work long hours not having the time it might take for a puppy to mellow down..next time, and it will be a next time, I want a red and white female, rescue or puppy, what ever comes our way and is meant to be..

  • I got both of mine as pups, from the same breeder but two years apart.

    In my lifetime of owning dogs, these two basenjis and one corgi mix rescue that I got as a puppy are my only pups. We've always rescued adult dogs. There's a lot to be said for that, but I have REALLY enjoyed the puppy experience.

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