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Are you buying your bags from the same supplier? Maybe stock is not moving fast enough and you simply got part of the same bad batch.

Quite possible, althought the 2 bad bags were of different flavors. I live in a small town where I'd bet that 99% of the population feeds their dogs Old Roy. The only people feeding TOTW are probably people I've been recommending it to.

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If the refusal to eat happens only with a new bag, it is likely your dog is sensing something about the food, not just bored with it. You are lucky the dog is this sensitive. .

This is what I am suspecting. She only refused once I opened the new bag. Before that, she had been eating that same flavor as fast as she could swallow it. What concerns me is that this is the 2nd bag she has refused in three months. I brought home another new bag after the refusal, and she tore into it like she hadn't eaten in days. It's definitely NOT her being finicky, she is not a picky eater by any means.

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I've been feeding my Basenji's TOTW for about 5 years. Two months ago, I purchased a 30lb bag of Lamb TOTW that my 3 year old refused to eat. She normally gobbles down any flavor of TOTW, but refused to eat this particular bag for 2 days until I bought another.

I bought a bag of Salmon flavor and she at it fine, but once that bag was gone and I replaced it with another (same flavor) she again refused to eat it. I just came home with a fresh bag of another flavor and she gobbled it down again.

All of this was TOTW, but I'm wondering if they haven't had a problem with some batches? TOTW reiumbursed me for the first bad bag, and Tractor Supply let me return the second, but I'm starting to have doubts about a food the myself and my dogs loved.

Anyone else had any issues lately?

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I'm in Texas (hot) and Bella has been shedding horribly. I can lightly grab a fold of skin, pull without using any force and come away with 10-15 hairs easily. She is leaving hair all over the house, but seems to have plenty more. Otherwise is perfectly healthy. Not sure what is going on but am guessing the heat?

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Just ordered one for Bella. Unfortunately, my wife insisted on the orange one with flowers on it.

This will be a good test of durability. So far, she's yet to keep a collor for more than a month without eating it (even the rolled leather ones).

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Bella does it almost every morning. Sometime a string of 3-4 yawns with different sounds for each one. Almost like she's trying to talk.

Neither of my other two did it.

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Congratulations! Those Florida puppies sure are cute!

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Welcome Melissa. Glad to see you on the forums, and glad to have a BRAT person so close by.

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You've got some nice looking B's Brenda! Let me know if you ever want to put a play-day together. I'm sure Bella would like some new friends.

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And as Duane calls him, The Land Shark, chews and chews and chews. Has been 5 years since we have puppy proofed the house so that is a continuing work in progress as we go "how did he ever reach that!" and "Where did he get That!". But such fun too.

List of things Bella chewed in the first year: recliner, sofa, iPhone, TV remote, numerous shoes, underwear, throw pillows, comforter, bed skirt, Nordic Trac, collar, several dish towels . . . you get the picture. She chewed more than my first two put together. Must run in the family. 😉

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