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I know Im a little late to jump in and say WELCOME. (Been away for awhile) We have one of Sharron's rescues named Sheba. Anyway my name happens to be Shaun and we live just around the corner in Gig Harbor. So I guess that makes your Shaun officially my second favorite Basenji just because of his cool name! Hope to see you around.

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I think I will go for the Ebay thing. Never done it but always wanted to. Give me a couple of days to figure it out and I will let you all know.

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I was thinking someone here might want these. If I am wrong no big deal. I dont need to raise money, just an idea. Maybe I should have said that if anyone want these for a few bucks I will donate any money to BRAT.

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Ok, I have spent the day cleaning out my den. I came across a couple of things some of you may be interested in. I have 22 issues of THE BASENJI from January of 2002 up to December of 2005. Also THE COMPLETE BASENJI by Elspet Ford. They almost got donated to the local Goodwill but I thought I should see if anyone here would want them. Maybe we could start a little auction or if someone would make a donation to BRAT I will send them these items. Anyway I am not sure the best way to do this. Anyone have any ideas how we can raise a little $$. I will be happy to pay for shipping if anybody is interested. Let me know what you think.

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Sharron, please dont feel bad. Those of us who have gotten our rescues understand that we can never fully know what we are getting. Usually the full history is not available and there is a risk involved. And those of us who have gotten our dogs from you are just thrilled to be getting a dog from someone who is totally committed to doing the best that you can for these special little creatures. I for one just pray you are still involved when it comes time for our next rescue.
PS Sheba says Hi and thanks for helping her find us.

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We had the hardest time with the potassium because the were huge and you were not supposed to break them. After a lot of trial and error and finding pill fragments around the house we finally found something that worked. Kraft American Cheese slices. Now because Marley was a Basenji no other cheese would do. If it was ANY other brand she just wouldnt take them which made it tough when we were traveling.

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I know first hand that overwhelming sensation that takes over when you first discover that your pride and joy gets diagnosed with Fanconi. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there and with the right treatment you may be as lucky as we were and get many enjoyable years together. We tend to think that our Marleys "good" life started at diagnosis because for 7 years she got so spoiled with attention and affection because we never knew how much time we had. We should all live our lives that way. Keep us all up to date because we are all hoping for the best.

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Too many miles and trips with our last Basenji to list them all. The longest was 128 in 28 days. So far all great tips. One that I might add is if you are going
to tie them out a little bit of bunjee cord on the tie out just in case they decide to try to chase something when not looking. Save them a sore neck.

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Sorry to hear about Bricks. Our last Basenji ( Marley ) had a "boyfriend" named K.O. who was a boxer. Good luck in your search and stick around no matter which pooch you decide on.

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Talk to a vet. Our last basenji we took on a hike across southern Utah. (128 in 28 days) She was in excellent shape but we worried about her paws. The vet gave use a bottle of stuff that we dabbed on and let it dry. Provided some protection as we had no problems at all.

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