Puppy size?

Hi, I'm new to the forum and on the verge of becoming a basenji mom! (And incredibly excited)

I have a question about puppy size, in order to ensure that we have an appropriate sized carrier when we pick up our little one (I'm flying home with her at my feet) and a proper crate when we get home.

The pups are going to be 11 to 12 weeks – so how big will she be? I know it will differ depending upon the dogs, but can anyone give me an idea so that I can make good carrier/crate choices?

Thanks in advance,


I would recommend getting the largest Sherpa bag you can. Though a 11-12 week old puppy can fit in a smaller size, I would get the bigger size so they have the most space. The large is 20" L x 11.5" H x 11.75" W

Thanks for the quick response… however, in reviewing the airline's site, the large sherpa carrier is too tall. So it'll have to be a smaller one. Or I can't bring the baby home at my feet -- and there's no way the little tyke is making the trip in cargo, because a) I think it's an incredibly bad idea... and b) Even if I didn't, it's February and I'm betting the airline would think it was a bad idea too.

Will a smaller one be okay? It's just over an hour's flight and, as I say, the puppy will be 11 weeks. I recognize that in this case bigger really is better... but given the alternatives, I'm trying to come up with something that will work.

Also... I'm still looking for some advice regarding a crate. I am leaning towards a larger crate that can be divided for use during the puppy stage and then once more room is needed (and housetraining accomplished!) the divider can be removed. Thoughts?

You may want to talk to a real person at the airline and be sure. I have flown United several times with the large sized Sherpa with no problems.

Also if you go to a store like PetSmart and Petco they have the "airline approved" sherpas marked with a tag usually.

And I have flown American and Continental with Large size Sherpa

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