Information to find a puppy

Go to the Basenji Club of America web site

Also, look online for local Basenji Clubs – like the Evergreen Basenji Club in Seattle. They will have breeder referral services and can put you in touch with quality breeders.

Also, as I did with my Basenji, make sure you are able to meet the parents of the puppy, if you choose to get a puppy. It really helped me to make a desicion a lot easier. I was able to see the parents react with the puppies and their personalities and temperment. I have noticed in my experience, that the parents traits do, in some cases, pass along to the puppies. My Basenji has the personality of her mom, a caring motherly type. She is also very friendly and curious like her father.
You also can tell too, what body type the puppy may have. Not in all cases but with me, mine looks like her mom(red and white), father was a tri color, but has her dad's body(very muscular).

Hope this helps

Who's got a list of Breeders in Virginia??

There should be a list at the BCOA website; I believe it is broken down by state. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 4 great breeders in Virginia. If you can't find a list on the web, email me privately and I will look up their info.

Quercus, I emailed the closest breeder to us: Damara Bolté. Who were the others that you really liked? Thanks so much for your recommendations!

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