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I have tried to bring my B to other houses with dogs but she tends to not get along with them. Or the fact that my B has so much energy the other dogs have enough and mine just won't stop. Do anyone have any suggestions? It will take my dog at least an hour and a half to settle down.

If they are outside it is usually OK but to bring the dogs inside it becomes very territorial. My dog usually causing the issues.


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I am a owner of a 14 month old female basenji named Angel(I nicknamed her Cujo). She still chews everything even though she has toys to play with. Hates her crate because I believe that she has seperation disorder. I have tried buying a new smaller crate (A few of which she has broken out of). Feeding her in the crate etc… Oh yeah and did I mention that she will mess her crate even though she is brought out to the bathroom right before she goes in. Sometimes we keep her on a tie out in the yard and she has managed to break her colar and escape and just a couple of days ago she broke the actual tie out (I remind you those things are made with metal inside them.) So I am hear to find out other peoples issues with their Basenji's to help me get through the next couple of years and see how they deal with some of the issues. Also it helps knowing that I am not the only one. I am also a mother of two a 7 and 5 year old who makes it difficult when they leave toys out and then yell when Angel gets them and chews them up!


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