• Question For Those Who May Know. I Live In The Eastern Part Of Iowa And I Am Trying To Find A Breeder Near Here. If Anyone Knows Of One Or Where I Could Find Out Please Let Me Know.


  • Please go to www.basenji.org and then to breeder listings.. but first go to www.basenji.org/learn and to the section that says how to find a responsible breeder.

    On the BOCA website the link is "is a basenji right for me" and while you might not find one close to you, you can find responsible breeders to talk to…

  • If there is more than one breeder in your area, I'd also recommend calling a few of them and doing home visits to find the right one for you – even if you have to drive a bit.

    When we got our first Basenji I had found a breeder who lived about ten minutes from me. She was a member of the local breed club, so I thought it'd be a sure thing. We did a home visit and that just about turned my dh off completely from the whole idea. Fortunately, I had contacted the president of the area Basenji club and she recommended a couple others --both of which were an hour drive from here --whom we did visit and could easily have gotten our puppy from either one.

    Shop around as much as possible to fing the right breeder for you.

  • The Show Me Basenji Club has members in Iowa. Their website is http://www.showmebasenjiclub.com/directory.html

  • thank you to all that have answered my question I really appreciate it. I am now just waiting to here back from a breeder that has a set of puppies but wants them to be shown and will know more in March.

  • I have to say there are some folks in the midwest who 'sound' like they are ok but are not - if you want to email me off list happy to provide references for lots of reputable b folks.

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