• Anyone have any ideas for me?

    I already have started taking Lance around in the car…and down to the dog park. I was thinking about taking him down town as we have a nice pedestrian area and allowing people to pet him if they ask.

    He's great with everyone...but strange noises are still freaking him out. I don't want TWO scaredy dogs in my house!

    My Collie is nervous enough for the ALL of us! 😞

  • I would teach a really strong attention or "watch" behavior. When you go out take a bunch of yummy treats…if he starts to get nervous, ask him to "watch" and reward him. Pretty soon, if he gets nervous he will immediately turn to you. I would also supply the people who are going to pet him with treats. Good luck 🙂

    A couple great books are "The Toolbox for Remodeling your Problem Dog", by Terry Ryan, and "Click to Calm" by Emma Parsons

  • Thanks. Maybe I should teach "Watch" to my collie too!

  • I don't know how you are handling the situation so this is just general advice for situations of this kind.

    It is human nature to want to comfort creatures who are frightened but saying "it's ok" and petting a frightened dog often leads to the opposite results one hopes for. The dog often considers this as reinforcement of the behavior and they grow worse, not better.

    It is better to ignore any fearful behaviors and instead focus on praising the dog whenever he shows signs of confidence or happiness. I have used this technique with dogs in the past and have found it to have a high success rate.

  • Lexi gets nervous when there are loud noises- fireworks, loud bangs, etc… But otherwise she's a pretty confident girl. Still aloof with strangers, her motto is: You may look but may not touch! 😉 hahahaha!

  • How old is your puppy?

    I would say that Caesar is such a good natured basenji for the following reasons:

    fixed at 6months
    went to basic obedience training at 7months old at Petsmart
    started going to off leash dog parks and learned to socialize once a week

    I found basic training to be an extremely fun experience which helped me communicate better with Caesar. He listens, he is social, he is active.

  • @Mantis:

    I found basic training to be an extremely fun experience…

    Boot camp? That's the best idea so far!!!:D

  • Basic Obedience Training, LOL at Petsmart….it is more like basic training for the owner....managing frustration....

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