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Yes, the Derry dog park is fenced in. The dog park also has agilty equipment there which is nice. If you have been to either, it seems a little smaller than Medway and Sharon Dog Parks. Also, Derry has sand instead of mulch.

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Hi Muckey

Too bad we moved from Worcester in the first part of the year. We now live up in North Reading, MA. We meet up in Sharon aswell and it would be great if you have a chance to come out the next time we meet. I too would be more than happy to come out to Worcester if you have an enclosed area. One of the other owners/B's from the Sharon meet up is about to leave Worcester if they haven't yet:( Let me know if your interested:D

Anyone near the Derry NH dog park let us know. We're there often and would love a meetup!

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There hasn't been a post for awhile. I hope things have gotten better! Is there an update as to how things have been?

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I'm good for tomorrow. If others want to join, we can do anytime. I'll send you an email also.

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Sharon dog park is fenced in and is a good size park. I'm up for a meet up also!! Name the time and place

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That's great about sit:D ! It's amazing how some things will just click. Rye had the hardest time with "down". He would look down and do a sloppy sit but would never go down. Then, bam he did and that was that. Good luck with anymore training!

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We have taken Rye off leash at a few beaches near us. We started when he was a puppy. The sand dunes and water on each side offer good barriers for him. A few times he will sprint down to meet other dogs:eek: . Now we keep him on leash and when we meet dogs we'll take him off so he doesn't get too far away. I really like the whistle and think we need to try that. We were alone on a beach on a stormy day and out of now where, a white ballon appeared near us. All of a sudden the wind took it and it off it went. Well, did Rye ever take off!! I tried "come!, COME!!. Nothing. Thankfully the wind stopped, he caught up to it and back he came. I really think that the combination if the wind and waves drowned out my voice. If we had the whistle he may have heard that. Luckily he have a few dog parks that we can keep practicing and reward him big time with treats and praise. It can be scary to let them off but it is so beautiful to see them run free.

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Trying to catch up on all this. Rye has always been in is crate at night. If he whines at any point during the night we take him out(after he stops so not to reinforce getting his way) to go the bathroom. He gets a few minutes to do his business than back in. I think that Dallas has gotten his way a bit with people letting him out because he is whining. That will only reinforce unwanted beavior. If he can't sleep well with you or the other dogs than he has to go in his crate(establish a routine). You have to train him that whining means I HAVE TO GO THE BATHROOM PLEASE. It will take patience for the whining to stop.

Dogs are very smart and moving isn't something they understand. Even though he was fine for a few weeks his whole world changed and no one can tell Dallas why. Even the sight of boxes will get some dogs thinking whats going on are we moving again?. We have moved a few times and take great care with Rye never seeing the moving process(packing, the moving day, unpacking).
I do agree with Ivoss that Positive Reinforment Training will help with your ability to communicate with Dallas as well make him tired mentally!

Good luck

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We trained Rye to use the bell as a puppy. If he rang the bell out we went. If he didn't go the bathroom within set time limit(few minutes) back in we went. I did take a while but he learned that the bell meant going the bathroom. We have since removed the bell. He never really goes to the door. He just waits untill we take him out throughout the day. Now if Rye runs around a little panicked and then you know he has to go!:D

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I work in property management for a nationwide company and also have a relative thats a small landlord. Things vary state to state but our leases state that we need 2 months notice. If not there is a lease break fee. For my relative it's not in his lease but I believe he said the law was if he was given 2 months notice he had to accept this by law with out penalty. Check with your state. I thought the security fee could apply to anything. Small note, interest is to be paid out on the security fee.

Prior to moving out take all pictures of your unit. Also, ask for your landlord to walk the unit with you and sign off so that there no surprises down the road.

Anyone taking over your apartment will have to meet your landlord requirements(criminal, credit, income requirements?). You will not be able to check these requirements if your landlord has any. If there are no requirements then there can be no refusal of your applicant(fair housing laws apply to everyone preventing discrimination of sex, age, religion, etc.)

In our state the occupant has the law on their side. If you are doing the best you can(working with landlord, communicating, etc.) the law is on your side. Some states they throw you and your stuff on the curb:eek:

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