• Petra…. I have only ever used puppy food up to the age of 8wks or until the bag is empty...

    I would seriously think about changing Pippin to the grainfree, but then I really don't like Euk... because of the corn and beet pulp. Franie's breeder used Euk... and I got her off of that pretty quick after coming home... C-Me was on even worse food...gggg

  • Houston

    I will check into some grainfree varieties…does it have to be puppy food our can it be all life stages?
    What kills me is how expensive Eukanuba is, especially considering the fillers..I much rather have him on "cleaner" food.

  • Is there anything particularly wrong with the puppy food? Anything to watch for in general?

    Our newest addition (and she's not here in Virginia yet) is 12 weeks, staying with my sister for a while longer, but I'd ship her a different food if there were concerns about puppy food overall. (I'll introduce the new baby soon 🙂 )

  • Houston

    listme…you have a new baby and we have not met her yet..??.:)...oh the wait...I don't know about your question, thus I asked too...just had to say..welcome to the new baby..Pippin is almost 12 weeks..well in two days..I bet you are dying to have her with you.

  • Kipawa did not eat puppy food. He was, and still is, a Taste of The Wild boy (Bison and Salmon).

  • I use adult food, I really don't see the need for puppy food

  • The difference between puppy food and the adult food in the standard grain containing foods is that the fat and protein levels are higher. If you compare a puppy food to a grain free food you will find the fat and protein levels are even higher in the grain free foods so there is really no need to have a puppy food. There are studies that have been done and found minimums in protein and fat for puppies. I don't have the study right in front of me but I know the numbers are around 28% protein and 18% fat. Grain free foods are usually well over that.

  • Houston

    Awesome info, thanks Lisa and Pat

  • Thanks, that's helpful. I'll go agonize over brands to send to my sister now 😃

  • Rojer, wth? fipronil and methoprene (the ingredients in FRONTLINE, btw) are to kill fleas, it is not a FOOD for dogs and does not help hair and nourish the bones of the dog.

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