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Also, as I did with my Basenji, make sure you are able to meet the parents of the puppy, if you choose to get a puppy. It really helped me to make a desicion a lot easier. I was able to see the parents react with the puppies and their personalities and temperment. I have noticed in my experience, that the parents traits do, in some cases, pass along to the puppies. My Basenji has the personality of her mom, a caring motherly type. She is also very friendly and curious like her father.
You also can tell too, what body type the puppy may have. Not in all cases but with me, mine looks like her mom(red and white), father was a tri color, but has her dad's body(very muscular).

Hope this helps

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My, almost 3yrs., basenji named Ninjia(Nina), just loves kids. We got her as a 10wk. old puppy and she grew up around kids. There could be a house full of adults and 1 child and she will hunt out that kid and ignore the rest of the adults. But when there are no children around she is just as happy being with the adults.
We did teach our children how to handle the dog as soon as we got her. So they both could understand and learn how to and not how to handle her and play with her. Now, when they're here, she just loves to be with them. 🙂 Even when taking her for walks, she will see a kid and just pull at her leash and "whine" to get to that kid with her tail, and whole butt as well, just wagging a million miles an hour.
I really think, in my opinion it's how the dog is raised. If you get an older dog, it will take some time for them to get used to children in the home if it was never around them before. A puppy will grow up being used to children if it has been exposed to them at a young age. It really depends on the training too. Others may think differently but it does play a part in how the basenji acts around other children.
As I said, my basenji just loves kids! She much would rather be with kids to play with and such and when there's no kids around, she'll "settle" for the adults for the play and attetion she wants.🆒

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Truely a great story. I too love Basenjis. Mine I guess you could say rescued me. I wanted a dog, didn't really want a smaller dog, I've been a big dog lover for years, but almost 3 years later I love my dog to no end. They truly are a big dog in a little dogs body. (atleast mine is).

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When it is summer out, the hotter the better, Ninjia just loves to be outside to sunbathe. She will lay out in her kennel sprawled out basking in the sun. Yes and she's been known to fall asleep as well. No matter how hot it is, she will want to be out enjoying the sunshine. If she cant get out, she will find the only spot of sun inside and get her "tan" indoors.:) Even if you make sure you have something for her to get some shade and cool off, it doesn't matter she has to have that sun. 🆒

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I have a 2 and a half year old, will be 3 at Christmas time, female red and white named Ninjia, pronounced Nina. She was named after her Grandmother. Boy when people see me walking her I get the 20 question game when it comes to what kind of dog she is, does she bite and if she likes kids. Of course she just loves kids, when theres kids in my home, the adults get ignored and she is always by them. No, she doesn't bite, she is such a social and people dog and loves any and all attention she can get.
My boyfriend and I got our Basenji as a puppy and at the time we were just going to "look" and not decide that night if we were going to bring her home. Well the first time I saw here, that was it, she was definitely sold to me. So that night, in the middle of winter, we wrapped her up in a nice warm blanket and took her to her new home. Of course as any Basenji owner knows that is where the adventure begins. All the chewing on everything, and loving to be outside(unless it is raining of course).
Well I can say now, I am a devoted and loyal basenji owner. Hope to be able to post some more.:D

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