• I am looking to put my new pup on Orijen. Would like to have him on high protein low carb diet. Any suggestions?

  • What is the breeder feeding?

  • I love Orijen for a dry food - it's good stuff.

  • i feed orijen to my bulldogge , i would think high protein food is good for any high energy breed. But best to try it and see how your pup does on it.

  • I have a great write up about how to read and undertand food labels written by my vet who is an alternative care doctor. Email me off forum for a copy. Note: I am at a 4 day agility and all breed show so will not be able to send until Tues.

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  • Bella does extremely well on Taste of The Wild. High quality food at a very reasonable price.

  • Orijen is an excellent food, you may need to mix it at first with whatever he has been eating, then slowly change the ratio. There are a lot of excellent foods available now, thankfully, so if one doesn't agree with your dog, there are other options to try.

  • We have fed our B's

    California Natural
    Science Diet Sensitive Skin

    We have so far found that EVO is the best food out there. As soon as the Bs adjusted to it we got better behavior, better energy, and better weights. My male was always too skiny he is now muscular and a good weight. Our female was always too hefty, she is now skinier and more active.

    Hope ths helps. The transition will be hard….I did half a hand full at first for a pup that ate 3 cups a day. Go slow. Use Pepto Bismol if you have to (the pills not the liquid you will have a pink dog if you do)

  • One of the reasons that I rotate the food is that then you really do not have to change slowly or at least that is what I find. I change every three months to a different food going between Wellness, California Natural, EVO, Fromms, etc… you get the picture. That way they are used to constant change (also adding in veggies and fruits both raw and steamed along with yams, etc).

    If I am on the road and need food for the B's then I never have to worry that I will not be able to find what I am feeding them at present... as they are used to change...

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