What is the best basenji puppy collar?


I know it is best to have a martingale collar for an adult basenji but do puppies need them as well? and if so where can i find some that fit basenji puppies? I have been looking online for a while and i can not find any for puppies. Does anyone have any good sites they use or know where to get a hold of some. Thank you in advance!

How old is your puppy? What are his/her neck measurements? We were able to find smaller martingale ones in our pet store, a privately owned one.

i do not have her yet, she will be 8 weeks old when i get her which will be the 27 of this month.

You can find smaller martingales if you look on Italian Greyhound sites.


I just use a buckle collar on young puppies, mainly because I want to get them used to wearing one. If their head is large compared to the neck a martingale isn't necessary because it wouldn't be easy for them to back out of the collar.

I switch to a limited slip later on but don't leave them on the dog unsupervised or around the house around other dogs.

I have my puppy now and see that a buckle collar works very well with her. thank you!

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