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    1. Is a good brand for a martingale collar for a 4-month basenji?

    I alternate between a regular padded martingale and this Hurtta Weekend Warrior Collar. The wide, soft neoprene padding seems to be gentler on her throat when she's determined to pull!

    Weekend Warrior Collar

    [removed copyrighted product photo]

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    Thanks again! Awesome. I like that collar! What size did you get?

    Where did you find your padded martinagle?

  • @sanjibasenji said in Four Puppy Questions:

    Thanks again! Awesome. I like that collar! What size did you get?

    With Hurtta collars, size 10-14 works well. There's a little give to the band. That would also give Sanji room to grow into it.
    Next size up, 14-18, will also fit an adult or a Basenji with a thicker/larger neck.

    Where did you find your padded martinagle?

    Alas, that lil' online megastore....
    ComfortFlex PetPDC Limited Slip Collar
    Size S

    [removed copyrighted product photo]

    It may not last years but I like that it is soft and flexible, and most likely more gentle on the throat. (our B. walks well but does have her pulling moments....)

    Also... please get into the habit of removing the choke or martingale collar at the end of walks. There are just too many opportunities for mishaps, like that dangling ring!

  • Among things we do differently now after learning from someone on this site (Zande? Tanza? eeeefarm, you?) is to remove all collars in the house when possible. My wife said, "wow! he looks so gorgeous without the collar!" That was a cool discovery.

  • I've generally left collars off in the house unless it was a dog that was new to me, or if something unusual was happening that involved a lot of coming and going and opening outside doors, especially when people were visiting. I look at my dog photos and there is occasionally one with a collar on the dog inside, but for the most part no collar in the house. Interestingly, fetching a collar was not something my dogs liked to do, although it generally meant going for a walk, but I guess it isn't a pleasant thing to carry. If I insisted, yes, it would be done. 😉

  • @sanjibasenji said in Four Puppy Questions:

    My wife said, "wow! he looks so gorgeous without the collar!"

    And she has the right of it ! They are such elegant, svelte creatures.

  • @sanjibasenji - One of my Tri Basenji girls (Mickii) would chew off any collar left on one of the other kids. And since I do put baby collars on pups pretty early, she would immediately chew them off! So those were only on when I was home! Easy enough for them to get their mouth stuck around them.....among other things.... I have a rack in the hallway and as soon as they see me reach for the collars they know exactly that they are going somewhere! And yes sanjibasenji, they are much prettier/handsome being naked!

  • @tanza, I had one annoying horse that would remove fly masks from the other horses. Really annoying to have to search for the missing masks in the field!

  • @zande said in Four Puppy Questions:

    elegant, svelte creatures

    Well put!!

  • I know too many puppies and dogs injured or killed due to collars left on unattended. Not worth the risk.

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