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What about shipping a puppy from a reputable breeder that's listed on the BCOA Breeder Directory website.

Is it bad for the puppy to be shipped on an airplane for about 3 hours?

You guys are probably going to say, why cant you just get one from a local breeder, etc.. but I'm just curious.

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money is not the issue. its just that on websites, their is a more variety of gender/color and the fact local breeders could be maxed out on their waiting lists..

but yeah, im gonna be contacting breeders around this area, when the time comes.

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thank you guys for all your help.
I plan on meeting up with a local breeder and going through the whole process.

I just dunno if i can wait like 6 months tho!!!! I want a puppy sooooo bad.

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ok thanks for the information.

I was planning on going local breeder as well and I guess I will be doing that.

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I am thinking about purchasing a basenji in the near future, whether it be from a local breeder or online. If i happen to take the online route, how can I make sure the basenji I am getting is healthy and that the breeder is legit. What kind of information should I ask of them and what should I look for? Red flags?


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