How Does Your B Potty When Raining?

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    We are located on the west coast of Central Florida and have been getting a lot of rain. Today was non-stop. And since the household is on a potty schedule, I thought I'd just start this Thread with a pix of what I go through with Uzie. I could not imagine anyone in Washington State where there is rain most of the time. Just curious of what you have to do to get your B to go potty. The pix shows the 'tent' I have set up so there is shade and dry at rain times, but we have to travel 100feet or so to get there( my get up…) If I did not have the gate closed he would have run back to the house. But I say "go peepee" (hope this does not offend anyone.....:)) and then he goes. Now I am hoping the rain does not continue toooooo much longer....we had a small but decent dindin(pm meal)... Candi and Hershey do not mind rain if they have to go, but the thunder distracts Candi too much to relieve her bladder.....Hershey is part Lab! no problem! you can see the tent in the background and he has his mouth open because I just 'paid' him with some treats to pose for the photo and he was licking his don't call the ASPCA on me.....!

  • I usually have to go outside with the dogs when it rains and talk to them and make sure they get off the porch and in the grass when they go.


  • Loki really doesn't mind the rain, it's the wet grass! Heck, he even played at the dog park for an hour yesterday in the rain with a good portion of that spent wrestling with 2 dogs in the lake (he was thoroughly soaked and I was blasting the heat on the way home and had no towel). Generally, if he's not wanting to stay on the wet grass, I pick him up and walk him to a part of the yard which is a good distance away from the door and walking stones and tell him he's not going inside until he potties. Sometimes I have to do it a few times, but eventually he gets the message and goes, alternating which foot gets to avoid that icky wet grass, before racing back inside. When he was about 3 months he surprised me by actually wanting to go outside. It was raining pretty hard and I had him pee on a puppy pad in the patio, but he insisted on going outside in the rain to poo and was actually quick about it for once!

  • I must have a weird one. Kananga doesn't mind the rain, it's the humidity that bothers him. Whenever it's humid out, I can barely even walk him on a leash. He refuses to move.

    However in the rain, he will stand there and just get soaking wet sometimes. Almost like he knows it bothers me too.

  • Oh Deb, I love your tent! (But it's too far from your house). We have been lucky enough to have some gaps in the rain and we rush them up to dog park where they will get out and run around even if it is sprinkling (they would not walk around the block if there are raindrops falling on their precious bodies). What we do in constant rain: load them up and drive 5 miles to a long freeway overpass. We can park under it and walk around , up and down about a half block till they are empty. Fortunately we don't have to do that but a few times a year but they seem very grateful.

  • We have similar weather in Panama, it's a ceremony, 1- I get my rain coat and the umbrella OUTSIDE 2- Regular pee invitation3- We "walk" around the garage and when she is absent I take very very quick the umbrella and go to my front garden finally to potty, praying God for better weather. She hates the umbrellas, and thunders…...

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    Kananga, that is a funny one! and Anne, you sure do go the distance for your guys! Too funny, a car ride!! I guess we B owners should be glad about the distraction that they will go pee on wet grass or in rain if it more interesting or the park- or too far to run home and have the option to stay dry. I had to close the gate so Uzie would not run back to the porch, after a few sniffs, he did do the business…..

  • Shaye and Gemma do not like the rain, but from the beginning I have walked them, one at a time carrying an umbrella, and stayed out with them until they did their business. I have since gotten raincoats for them, so it' easier to get them all dry when we come in, but by now, they just accept the rain and walk on the sidewalk until the "spirit moves them" then step off into the grass and take care of business. I will say I usually wait quite a long time to see if there will be a break in the weather, but if it's obviously continual, like it has been the past couple days, we just suck it up and do it.

  • My female LOVES the rain. But, she can hold her bladder for a considerable amount of time! She is a ragamuffin, born and raised in Washington. My bs have a doggy door so they do their business whenever the mood strikes them. I never have accidents in the house so I guess they might be waiting for breaks in the rain!!! My male BRAT is more of a pansy. If we go for a walk in the rain, he will start whining 10 minutes in. My female knows that we will crank on the heat in the car so no worries about getting a little cold & wet. When he starts whining, she just looks at him and laughs. I'm pretty sure I've heard her HARUMPH a couple of times at him!!!!

  • Kipawa has no problem with the rain if he is at a dog park, it's raining, and he is playing with a friend. BUT the wet grass in the backyard becomes a very evil monster, so much so that he has to use a portion of the cement deck (grass level) to relieve himself. It's funny because if he's on wet grass on a walk, he'll use the grass just fine. Oh how complex and silly our basenjis can be. 😃 But that's why we love them!

  • Arwen goes out no matter what, potties fast and flies back in. Cara believes she will melt if the ground is wet, has stood crying for an HOUR hopping one foot then the next, refusing to go. She has taken to peeing and pooping on the porch. Better than in the house so if the ground is wet, I expect it.

  • My Dexi is 5 mos old and we live in seems to have been raining since we got her. She doesn't like rain or wet grass much and will run back inside to pee on the kitchen floor. So suffice it to say our housebreaking is not going as well as I expected.. She even did this once or twice when it wasn't raining I guess she is confused now..

  • I have neighbors that on more than one occasion have asked if Oakley was hurt because he was whining,crying and screaming because it was raining or wet…I said "no, he's just a pansy"...I have I walk him to go to the bathroom but he has never just allowed me to take I'm out and go right across the street, but when the weather is wet I can get him to pee but pooping, is a slim chance. He's gettin better but I wish he would understand that of he went quickly we would both be much happier and dryer!! I will say I've had times where I'd walk Oakley 40 minutes bc he wouldn't poo but the minute we got inside...well you can guess!!

  • Does this mean they will never be fully housebroken? Please tell me it gets better!

  • It gets better with age…Oakley used to hold his bowels 99% of the time until we got home as a pup...he's 16 months now an it's only on rare occasion he will have an accident and it is always because I don't "stick it out" long enough in the rain... One thing I still tell myself is advice given on this forum " don't go in until they are done" and it's true. Since day 1 oak was stubborn about the bathroom- if the wind blows the wrong direction he feels entitled to tell me to shove it! But...not giving in and stayin out for an hour if need be really teaches them that mommy always wins- and they eventually get it but that doesn't mean they like it.

    So my advice to you is not to come inside until business is done, especially since you know she just goes on the floor...and when she does har an accident take her out immediately. Consistency, consistency,consistency!! She will be housebroken, in the meantime take her out every three hours and work her schedule around bathroom breaks, right before she gets up in the am and before bed and feed her ten minutes before a schedule bathroom break

  • Thanks for the advice!

  • No problem….you have no idea how many times people must pass us in the rain watching me mutter in annoyance " not going in until you go!!"....I look like an idiot and I think that's why Oakley likes doing it to me...but nothing is more pleasing than standing there having a battle over whose more stubborn and finally he gives in with a squat and a look like "there, are you happy"?! I take my small victories where I can

  • Yes, Chealsie508, and I expect you both get extremely wet in the process!!? Been there, done that, got the T shirt!

  • Anubis loves my back yard because I have a large overhang that shelters from the rain/snow etc in the back yard. Its got a concrete porch and some portion of the grass is sheltered too lol. So hes safe from the evil wetness. At my old house he'd run out pee or poo as fast as he can and run back in. He walks while he poos so he was practically RUNNING while pooping just so he can get in and dry himself.

  • Voodoo also doesn't really mind the rain. Only when it's really pouring (the rain that get's you soaked in less then the minute) he will run from tree to tree, standing dry under the leaves and waiting for me to catch up to him (and I would swear he is having real fun, standing dry and watching me get wet…)
    But with 'normal' rain, he acts just like any other (dry) walk.

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