For those with more than 1 B…

  • Which one is dominant? And how can you tell?

    Lenny acts like he is dominant 90% of the time. He steals toys/food from Tayda, sits on top of her, she waits for him to eat first… etc etc. and she lets him do all of it. BUT when they are playing, Lenny is always the one that ends up on his back. Always. And Lenny is a lot bigger than she is. I don't think Lenny has ever gotten Tayda onto her back when playing...

    Just curious...

  • LOL… bitches are always dominate... but they typically never really show it... except as you point out... when at play... "she wins"......................

    That is why in this breed, breeders will say... Girls have an Agenda... Boys don't have a clue

    The dominate bitch will many times let the "boy" think that he is dominate... until they are NOT

  • Yeah, I figured she was just letting him think that he is dominant…..

    She was very tolerant of his antics when he was a puppy.... i guess she still is. He's such a goofball. Now that I look back at the pics he started when I first brought him home with the sitting on her thing.... and it continues today. I think its really funny... he's so much bigger than her that she gets all squished now and doesn't seem to care at all.... he was 14 weeks home in the first pic and the 2nd one was taken about a year ago.

  • Very typical… of male/females..... and yes... she is letting him "think" that he rules the house... NOT....gggg

  • Mine sound just like yours - Bongo steals toys, annoys the heck out of Fiji, jumps on her, starts tussles, but when it comes down to it and they move from wrangling to fighting she always wins. And if he dares to try to leave the gate first going out or go up the stairs first coming home: watch out! She's definitely in charge.

  • Our first 2 basenjis were just the opposite. Cindy bossed Pete around, teased him and stole his biscuits, screamed at him, but when she pushed him too far, he would put a front paw on her head and slowly push her head to the floor. End of discussion. He let her be the boss till it was serious, then he quietly exerted himself as the real boss.

    Every female/male relationship we have had since then is more "traditional"…the boys strut around, but the girls kick their butts...often with only "the look".

  • When I had my female 'senji Bidi she was nice to him BUT when there was company or it was playtime and rough housing (two words?) she was the boss! Oh also hunting (sadly she got a blackbird or two in the back yard) she was the boss : ) She was actually smarter and listened if that's possible WAY more than him, I wonder if that's true with other female basenjis.

  • Shilagh is definitely the dominate one. When they are getting ready to nap, when trying to find the right spot to curl up on she will absolutely not let him step on her but she certainly does it to him. God forbid he tries to take a toy from her! I must say though, they do take turns when at play. It's equal when it comes to who surrenders first.

  • Its so neat to have 2 b's and watch them interact.
    Even tho they are all different, so much of what they do is the same.
    We are so lucky to have them share ours lives.

  • Ha, ha, ha…I might be the only on here who isn't entirely sure of the pack order in my house...although I think Brando is the most dominant one. Both Ruby and Brando are super active and super easy going...until they are pissed.

    The only time Brando has actually rolled on his back to play has been for my new b girl pup, Liyah. That now happens daily and sometimes goes on for a half hour with Liyah on top and in his face.

    Ruby will go on her back but 90% of the time it is because Brando has flipped her and pinned her...Brando is incredibly strong. But if Ruby has had enough of Brando, it sounds like all out war...and in fact, I've seen her flip him. When Ruby goes off, Brando will sound like he is going to take her on. When it gets like that, I let them work it out...there have been 3 times that I broke it up because I thought they could actually start biting each other because neither would back down.

    It will be very interesting once Liyah gets older. Since about day 3 of Liyah's arrival, if Brando goes off on her, she stands up and starts growling and goes after him. She doesn't seem to be afraid of him at all. It is completely different than when she first arrived and would cry or yelp if he went at her. When she stands up to Brando, Brando will not continue and usually walks away.

  • Duke seems dominant over Daisy 60% of the time. Duke charges in front of Daisy out the door, even when Daisy gets there first (I don't know how he manages that). However, Daisy can usually get a toy from Duke when she really wants it. Duke can rarely take a toy from Daisy - she gives him that look and sound, Duke understands her cue. Daisy gets Duke on his back usually because she pinches his back with her front teeth, so Duke rolls on his back to avoid the pain. Her pinch really stings, as she's accidently done it on my arm before when playing with a toy. Both vie noisily at dinner time trying to get closest whoever is dishing out the food. Daisy is bigger than Duke - They've never sat on each other - but they shove each other or body slam each other - mouthing ears, paws and legs.

    They are fun to watch - I love it when they play hide and seek…Daisy is the smartest player.

  • Are you all glad you have 2 Bs, I am thinking of getting a playmate for Sahara next year, I haven't taken the plunge yet. Of course I will get a male for her, she needs a companion.

  • 2 dogs add more life to the party. They play and run around and exercise together more vibrantly I think. Its entertaining to watch them. My DH commentates the action as he sees it - it's hilarious!

  • I'm definitely glad to have 2 B's! Tayda may have a different opinion though :p

  • @Duke:

    Duke charges in front of Daisy out the door, even when Daisy gets there first (I don't know how he manages that).

    Lenny does the same thing to Tayda. He does it by basically running her over. lol.

  • I have 3, love the interactions. I think they are happier having a basenji buddy, they are never lonely even if we are gone all day. They are pack animals by nature, and let's face it, humans are just plain inferior when it comes to play!
    I definitely recommend multiple basenjis.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Katie is in charge here, although Tyler knows which button to push to make her back down….Kate HATES to be humped!! He grabs her around the hips and she immediately flops to the ground, thus ending that session of Queen Katie.

  • Well, at our home, it's hard to say because they never show dominance (we're above them so we deside wich one get first)

    They never take eachother toys or food, but we always give Buana his food first, then Chafuko and al last Hailey and we always have this order, they just be fine with it.

    We have to males and a female but net ever have a fight… i'm so happy with that..

  • Savannah is without a doubt dominant, even though bodhi is twice her size !

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