• Hello All!

    I have a question about walking issues. I've had Zip since mid November and mostly everything has really been wonderful. She has become more and more vocal and she cuddles with us more now. The progression of her getting more comfortable has been noticeable, which is exciting.
    I have made a big effort to arrange my life around making sure that she gets enough exercise, as we live in an apartment. I am pretty much in the habit of taking her on a 45 min to an hour long walk every day right when I get back from work. And depending on the day, and my roommate's schedule, sometimes I take her on a shorter walk in the morning. Sometimes she does that thing where she stops, plants her feet and just looks at me as if to say "I don't want to be walked, take me inside". She has a Montana Dog Ware coat (xmas present from mom!) and I put it on her if it's under 60 outside. This morning it was particularly chilly and there was nothing I could do to get her to budge, and I don't want to pull her by the leash. It seems kind of silly to wake up around 30 minutes earlier in the morning to walk her and then to have her look miserable. I want to make sure she gets enough exercise but I don't want to be fighting with her over it and it doesn't make much sense if she's not enjoying it. I think she does this more often when it's chilly out but not JUST when it's chilly. Suggestions?? Do we need to find a way to exercise her inside the apartment?? I know there are B's living in places waaaaaaaaaaaaaay colder than socal and they MUST get out sometimes, right?

    Oh and….I also need suggestions for treats. I have tried clicker training with Zip a little and only stopped because the itty bitty pieces of turkey hot dogs upset her tummy. Otherwise she responded really well to it. I think I might have given her too many of them in a day given that it was something new in her diet. I stay away from wheat with her per her breeder's instructions and all the treats carried in chain stores have wheat! So...apart from walking issues I need some treat suggestions. For those of you doing positive reinforcement by treating, how many times in a day do you treat your B's for exhibiting desirable behavior or responding to a cue? I want to make sure I'm not giving her too many. Thank you all for your help!


  • Take a few small pieces of cheese in your pocket.
    Don't give her a chance to stop the walk, you walk out and say in a cheery voice, "we are going walkies!".
    If you get to the point of dragging her, show her the cheese and keep moving.
    It might take bit of time, but your dog will get it.
    Hubby sometimes says that getting the dogs into the garage to put the doggie coats on them for the 4am walk is like herding cats.
    So, we have had this issue here!

  • A good treat to use that you can cut up into little tiny pieces is Natural Balance food rolls.

  • Have you noticed any correlation between the coat and not wanting to walk. I also have a coat for my basenji, and it really fits her good, but if the back end is covering her tail, even just the tiniest little bit, she does that. Its funny she will pull on the leash until I release her tail, and then off she goes, ready to walk! Its crazy, I usually end up folding the back over so it is a couple of inches off her tail, otherwise I am stopping every 5 minutes 🙂 She could also be hot, you said you use it anytime when its under 60? Being in Wisconsin, I only use it if its under 35 or so. I have walked her in it when its in the 40's and she pulls like that even if its not on her tail until I get it off, but when its cold (20's) she doesn't seem to mind it, so I am guessing its cause she is hot? Very finicky dog I have ….. 🙂
    As for the treats, the thing I have found to most make Tosca go crazy is venison sausage!

  • Here's something else to try. Boil pork liver til grey, then cut in small pieces and bake until the consistency you like. Mine respond very well for them. I day pork liver, because it seems to have a better consistency than beef.

  • I'd bet it's the coat that is causing problems, especially if it's only in the 50's. I take EL D for walks as low as the teens (coats don't go on until 30's). Like Jylly, EL D hates for the coat to be covering his tail - he'll stop and try to yank the coat off or sometimes try to chew the leash - but once I fix the coat he's fine. The only times EL D won't go for a walk are when the real temp or wind chill temp goes below 0F and when it rains.

    As for training treats, I chop up various things into small tidbits and never give him the whole piece. That way EL D gets a treat for doing something correctly but is not pigging out.

  • I'm probably the last person anyone should ask about whether it's cold out because my basis for comparison is home (Maui). 50's?!?! Brrrrrrr.
    And I'm likely projecting that onto Zip. I'll keep in mind that she doesn't need to be quite as bundled up as I do!
    She did better this morning. I think it helps to change up our walking route, she stays more interested that way. There was a crossing guard who asked what kind of dog she was and when I replied she said "That's what I thought". Now there's a rare response. Usually it's "A what?"

  • Call me crazy..but our dogs don't wear coats…ever. I had one for Querk when he was tiny...but he hated it. They go outside to potty when it is cold (like 11 degrees) and come in quickly after finishing. If it is 30 degrees or warmer, they will spend time cruising around the yard. If we are going for a walk, we won't usually do it if it is below freezing...but anything up above that and they are fine for 20-30 minutes. These are TOUGH little dogs, particularly if they are enjoying what they are doing. If she isn't enjoying her walk, try making it shorter, and finding more ways to burn energy inside 🙂

  • See its freezing here right now and the dogs dont like to be out much but caira is real stubborn. daily we have to force her to go out, i mean pick her up and shove her out the door to relieve herself but she will hold it for hours man i dont knw how she does it.

  • Treats: Slice the hotdog length wise into quarters. Then slice thin pieces cross wise. Put the hot dog pieces in a bag/bowl with her regular dog food and cook in the microwave for about 5 sec. The dogfood will absorb the hotdog juice and become yummier (so sayeth the dog).

    I put coats on my kids if it is in the teens or below or if it is in the 20's and windy. (We get HIGH winds here. I can always tell when that happened because it will rearrange my agility equipment.) My kids don't mind it but I think it does help to tell the pup how hansome/beautiful he/she looks in it.

    Also - mental stimulation will also tire a dog.

  • Sahara hates to be cold, if it's cold she shakes like crazy. She will go outside though, anything to go off with Mommie, or to play. We play fetch out in the yard, and I like to chase her in the house to burn energy. She does the B-500 and it wears me and her out. She has lots of coats, just got a new one for her 2nd B-day, faux fur collar, and it has legs. She has never not wanted to go for a walk no matter how cold.

  • Sahara hates to be cold, if it's cold she shakes like crazy. She will go outside though, anything to go off with Mommie, or to play. We play fetch out in the yard, and I like to chase her in the house to burn energy. She does the B-500 and it wears me and her out. She has lots of coats, just got a new one for her 2nd B-day, faux fur collar, and it has legs. She has never not wanted to go for a walk no matter how cold, but the coat is a must. haha!!!!

  • there are a lot of things you can try like cheese or chicken (deboned, we dont want the dog to choke) and when he stops just coax him along with a treat.

    also is there a park near where he can be let offf his leash, it hellped my dog

  • Also, your attitude is key.
    If you think and act like its a big hassle, it will be.
    I start with, happy light tones, we are going WALKIEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS.
    By the time we are in the garage and getting the rain coats on, the dogs think it will just be wonderful..
    It does help to get them out and moving with the right mindset.

  • A coupple of issues in this thread! (Way to multi-task here people!)

    Treats: the whole "upset tummy" is definately a too much of a good thing issue. Whatever you decide to treat with, make them very small and just watch how much you give. My dogs go nuts for bologna or plain ham. Cheese is the perenial favorite, but never underestimate the power of a "Good Boy!!"

    Coats & "Cold" Weather: My boys have it rough. Living in the Midwest, it is not uncomming to spend all witner in the single digits (not counting windchill which often kicks us into the negative teens, if not worse). Both boys have dog coats made by Lands End in the same style (and cold weather specifications) as their Squall jacket series. It consists of an easy belly band and front chest closure meathod. No worries about tails or legs. Easy on, easy off. And my boys live in them during the winter. Dogs, just like people, quickly acclimate to the weather. If we deicde it's "Cold" at 50 degrees, they start to feel that way. If we decide 50 is downright balmy, the dogs learn that too.

    Walking: Oh, the perenial issue of B's! I agree with many of the posters here: it's all in the tone and your attitude. If you decide to be upbeat and positive and decisive, the B will follow! (But probably will quit at mile 6 if he hasn't had his ice cream yet… grin)

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