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Mom to B.R.A.T rescue, Nayru. 4 yrs in 2010\. Tail-waggin' is her middle name.![](images/smilies/smile.png "Smile") And failed foster, Batman, the chiweenie(?) boy.

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I can't believe it's been over two years since Nayru came into my life. She's had a few merry adventures involving the front door and FREEDOM. I was walking the foster dog (last spring) and all of a sudden there was Nayru running up to us. :| I sat down and she came right up to me so I was able to snag her. Another time I didn't quite get the door closed, but she came hauling back in when I said, "Batman, treat?" Her native Basenji jealousy was immediately engaged. Still feel like I narrowly dodged bullets both times. I live in a gated community but a savvy B could waltz out easily when cars are coming in or out.

But life with Nayru continues to engage me and keep my mind active. I've noticed a change in her personality too. She's just more settled somehow. As if she knows that this really is her forever home. Took about 18 months for that to really sink in for her, I think.

Now she's a fairly normal B girl who steals tortillas off the counter and then looks completely innocent when caught with half a flour disk hanging out of her mouth. LOL

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Just an update to let you know that Nayru and Batman are still as silly as ever. We've added a kitten to the mix. Boy howdy, was that ever challenging. Miss Nayru, who never showed ANY prey drive towards my rock-solid dog-proof 14 yr old Maine Coon, was HIGHLY interested in the fast moving, tiny orange thing. We had about 6 weeks of separation then 2 weeks of highly supervised visitation and then a month of 'okay you two play nice now'. But Vinegar now knows not to run and Nayru now knows that the small fuzzy orange thing has incredibly sharp pointy things on her feet. I have caught them sleeping together. Currently I'm fostering a B.R.A.T boy named Toby. He's reminding me why I like adopting older dogs. 😃

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Saw my neighbor today. She signed that her Basenji had died. He was apparently 17! She loved meeting my little B/W foster boy, Toby, who enjoyed playing with her small white mix. I'm going to keep a note on me with B.R.A.T.'s information so she can may be get another B!

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Hi! I am currently fostering a 10 month old B/W boy who loathes his crate. He shreds everything except for a decrepit wool blanket. This thing has been through the wringer and is the only thing my bitch, Nayru (B.R.A.T.), leaves alone as well. She's gotten a bit better so Toby (B.R.A.T. foster boy) got her blanket for now. He's got the most interesting set of vocalizations that I've ever heard. I used to think the noises they used on the "Goodbye My Lady" movie were faked. I know better now. :| My neighbors are SAINTS! I love your gift card/thank you note idea.

Toby gets a bone with peanut butter in it. He still takes about 20-30 to settle in. I agree with the others. Once he's quiet, nothing can make me go back inside. LOL I'd rather buy a new jacket than make him go through that again. He is now sleeping in the bed with me and the other animals in the house. It's crowded, but poor pup just needs to know he's not been abandoned yet again.

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Look at those feet! I want to smell puppy feet. 🙂 I'm weird.

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That makes me happy to know her former owners worried about her.

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Stephen, how fun to find one of Tammie's littermates this way. 🙂 She hated being shown so I didn't do much with her at all. Very nice to hear from you.

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Oh it's definitely a product of its time. Pickaninny donuts always makes me cringe in horror. But I love the dog. And I love that Brandon de Wilde kept the dog he worked with in that movie.

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I'll keep an eye out. I'm watching it now and CRYING even though I know how it ends. LOL I'm such a wuss.

Naylo (Nayru prefers to be called Naylo now since she's prettier than J-Lo) is really reacting to the Basenji noises.

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I love this old movie! TCM is running it at 11am today (Friday 4.29,2011). I just set my DVR. Wheee!

By the way, Nayru told me she feels that she is far prettier than Jennifer Lopez. Therefore, she's changing her name to Nay-Lo.

I didn't know where to post this so I I'm putting where I think most folks look the most. 🙂

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