• When I first got Cali about a month ago she slept in her kennel at night, but was very restless and wined a lot at night. She stays in her kennel while I am at work because she likes to chew on everything. I recently let her start sleeping at the bottom of my bed on her doggy blanket and she loves it. I usually wake up with a tale or paw in my face because she is a wild sleeper. I also have white hairs all over my bedding because she sheds. Cali is all white and has a patch of brown on her bottom and her ears and most of her face are brown with a white stripe between her eyes to her nose. I know she is a basenji mix, but I am not sure what she is mixed with. She looks completely like a Basenji except her tail is long and curls up, but is not bushy like some of the pictures I have seen. I will post a picture as soon as I get my digital camera fixed.

  • Abbey sleeps in the bend of my knees. Always under the covers never on top. I don't know how she can breathe under there. She's a terrible shedder too.

  • Sandie sleeps on the pillow above my head.. or between the pillows … or where ever she lands in the bed.. shes just 11 weeks ... Omg !!! i can just see her above my head when shes full grown ...

  • Jazzy sleeps in her kennel. Our other dog sleeps on a blanket in the small room in which the kennel is kept at night.

    We don't allow dogs on the furniture at all. I love them very much. I pamper and fuss about them to a degree, but they are dogs…
    I've never really "gotten" the whole dog in the bed thing, but I realize I am probably in the minority here. LOL

  • Thorn is the only one allowed in the bedroom and he has his own chair with a "duvet" and not often does he try to climb in the bed.
    Eos has always been sleeping in my bed, but this summer I felt she was moving too much and I wasn't getting a good night sleep so now she is sleeping with her son and daughter in the living room and I think she'll stay there from now on.

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    Being on furniture doesn't make them any less dog or more human...just more comfortable 😉
    Our dogs are allowed on all furniture, except tables :eek: Two of ours sleep in bed, under the covers..and the rest sleep in their crates.

  • When someone's on the couch he'll lay at the other end - that is after he's walked on and licked the person on "his" couch. Otherwise, I have a blanket covered piece of plexiglass that fits on top of his metal crate. He loves napping on top of it. I tried to let him loose at night for sleep, but he bothers everyone, jumping on & off the beds. He willingly (for a kibble) gets in his crate when I sing out, "It's bedtime!" The bedtime crate is a tent-like zippered piece in the hallway upstairs next to our rooms. That's where he sleeps at night. His metal crate in the family room is used when he's home alone.

  • Hollie has slept in the bed from the first night I brought her home from the shelter. At that time I thought this was good because if she got out of bed during the night I could get up and take her out to potty, however she slept straight through the night and has since then. We still let her in the bed. She likes the bend of our knees also, but moves around some during the night. She really likes being totally under the covers.

  • my side of the bed. He has a dresser beside him,a bed on one side and a wall on the other. He loves his bed! At 830pm every night-he goes running to bed.

  • I have been thinking about getting Cali a dog bed to sleep in when I can trust her not to get into things. One night I did let her sleep on a blanket beside my bed and she got up in the middle of the night and had toilet paper spread throughout every room. I woke up suddenly to the sound of one of my lamps crashing to the floor.
    She is the first dog that I have let sleep in my bed. When she is in my bed she sleeps straight through the night and doesnt get out of bed until I do.
    My brother thinks I am crazy for letting her sleep in my bed, but she is so sweet and lovable. I do make sure I wipe her down every night with a warm cloth and brush her every night before she gets in my bed as this seems to help with the shedding.

  • I don't know how old Cali is . . . for a dog bed in your room. I was thinking he same, would be nice. But Duke, being only 7 mos. . . He still loves taking stuffing out of everything. As long as he's not rebelling with our arrangement, I won't change it. I am hoping he'll be free from all barriers when he gives me the confidence in his maturity. (does it really happen?)

    I checked the prices on those dog beds - they're quite pricey. That's why I'm hesitant to buy one.

  • don't buy one if your dog destroys things. it's a waste of $ (IMO)

    Tucker initially runs for his crate (which has his very own set of pillows & blankets). He takes a bath, and settles down there. Once we're asleep (or near it) he hops up in bed, and wedges himself in….

  • Sahara sleeps in our bed, usually next to me, and sometimes in the bends of daddy's legs. She has to touch us or she won't be satisfied, she sleeps all night, it's outside to potty before bedtime and that's it for the night. She wakes up about 9:00am and lets us know she is ready for you to get up also. We love to have her near us, she does not shed, so we are happy and of course the Queen Sahara is happy.

  • My husband does not let the dogs sleep in bed with us. Well, he is in the Navy and gone quite a bit so once he leaves those babies re-claim their spot on the bed. I honestly think that I have more space when my husband is home though, Zahra and Chase really take up a lot of the bed for two little dogs!

    When their fur daddy is home they sleep in their kennels in our kitchen. Sometimes they sleep together but Chase has chewed through a lot of Zahra's collars so you have to remember to take her collar off! :rolleyes:

  • in our bed no matter how hard we try to get him to sleep with Jocelyn. but then Jocelyn snores really loudly so we can't blame him.

  • Abbey sleeps with me behind my knees. When I turn over on the other side she wakes up, climbs over, and gets right back in the same spot. When I got her at 4 months I bought a cute fluffy little doggie bed any other dog would've been happy to have and it took her about two hours to demolish it. She pulled all the stuffings out and climbed inside the thing.

  • Jazzy sleeps in a kennel in our "dog room" ==which is sort of a mudroom,but it has just a half-wall so it's not completely closed in, and has the sliding glass door to the back yard. Gypsy, our other dog, sleeps in the mudroom next to Jazzy's kennel on a blanket.

    During the day Jazz sleeps on a blanket on the floor, in a basket, or in a child's camp chair that she claimed. Our dogs are not allowed on the furniture at all, although, sometimes I will hold Jazz on my lap.

  • LOL, I never thought would have dog ON bed much less in it… but both the girls sleep with me. Arwen sleeps at the bottom of the bed and Sayblee sleeps midway up. USUALLY she curls against me unless she is hot, or mad. If hot, she sleeps near. If mad, she sleeps at the bottom furthest corner from me.

  • @Lenora:

    Abbey sleeps with me behind my knees. When I turn over on the other side she wakes up, climbs over, and gets right back in the same spot.

    That is so funny! When I turn over, Sayblee gets mad and moves. She only wants to sleep with me facing her against my thighs/stomach. Nor will she crawl over and sleep on the other side of the bed.

  • @JazzysMom:

    We don't allow dogs on the furniture at all. I love them very much. I pamper and fuss about them to a degree, but they are dogs…
    I've never really "gotten" the whole dog in the bed thing, but I realize I am probably in the minority here. LOL

    I don't consider my dogs anything BUT dogs, but I also don't think on the furniture has anything to do with anything other than personal preferences.

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