Howling in his sleep-

Last night I was jolted out of my sleep to Max howling his head off! His bed in by my side of the bed and he was 1/2 sitting with his eyes open-sound asleep. He howled his heart out for several seconds until he woke up. He looked very embarrassed and lay down as I covered him up.
DH and I laughed our heads off!

I can't say I've encountered full on howling, but whimpering, thrashing legs, kicking, occasional barking, growling, and hackles raised…...all these I have seen in sleeping Basenjis. I'm sure their dreams must sometimes be quite dramatic!

My OJ would howl in his sleep, but that was only when the girls were in season

Never encountered howling, both of my two will whimper, leg kick, stuff like that. Tucker also likes the chuff in his sleep. I think he is dreaming about the squirrel.

We get some soft barooing, thrashing legs and huffing sounds from Kipawa. Very cute, except when one of the thrashing legs gets you in the face. 🙂

We had an awkward moment last night… Cricket was sleeping with her head on the pillow between Husband and I. And as best as I can figure what happened: She stretched in her sleep, and I must have been open mouth breathing. Her muzzle must have went into my mouth, as all I felt was prickly whiskers on the roof of my mouth! We both started awake and gave each other an awkward stare, then she rolled over and showed me her rear. I rolled over too. It was strange...

Yes, Gbala howls in her sleep - I think she's dreaming of her ancestral home!!?

Jet the trying will sometime do night howls. Eeriest mournful howls that would wake the dead. And wake Jet himself although I don't think he really believes he woke himself up!

Shaye whimpers and mutters in her sleep, but thankfully, no howling. Gemma sort of talks, quiet little grunt noises, no howling. I don't know how you can sleep again, after the howling begins…............

lol mine never howl, but they certainly whimper, grunt and run etc. they also do a weird "puffing" / or / "huffing" sound which always interests me (im guessing the same as what Kipawa does?)

. i do wonder what they dream about. my OH believes they dream of their ancestors 🙂 id like to think that too… and that they are chasing something fun 🙂 lol

First Basenji's

Cody howled in his sleep once last year. It was loud and mournful, lasting for about a minute. I had just fallen asleep, so it scared me. It took quite a bit to wake him up, but he just looked at me like I was evil for waking him up, grumbled and sighed at me, and then burrowed back under the covers.

I was interested to see this post. I have currently 2 B. gals, Tootsie and Peanut. Tootsie by day is a yodeling lunatic, but sleeps like a rock. Peanut, on the other hand is mostly silent, except for an occasional growl when needed, and has been that way for the 4 years we've had her. About 3 or 4 times in the past year, though, we will wake up to the most mournful, creepy howl I've ever heard.. Pea 'sleep howling' I guess you'd call it! It truly sounds a bit "other worldly" and it always makes me hope she isn't having a really bad doggie dream!

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