• I simply love when my dog tucks his butt under himself, and off he goes! the B500 through the house, up the stairs, down the stairs, through the french door (we took a bottom row pane out so that our cats & Tucker fit through), on the couch, off the couch, over the coffee table, sliding across the wood floors (as I can hear the wood being raked by nails), barely making the corner back to jump on the couch, and finishing with the ever-hysterical body rub down the entire length of the couch, flipping every throw pillow in the vacinity onto the floor.

    Then looking at me like "well? did you time me?"

    this all started soon after Tucker came home w/ us. At first, we tried to stop him, fearing he'd hurt himself. Then, gradually, we learned just move the breakables and stand CLEAR!

    It doesn't happen too often now, usually only when he's extremely excited, or been cooped up too long without proper exercise.

    so those of you with 2 or more B's…. do you stand clear? stop the maddness? have a house with B500 pit-crews around every corner? I can't imagine having more than one dog racing through the house, I think it would fall down!

  • I have 3 and when they all start racing around the house all you can do is stand clear and hope you don't become part of the track. Mine usually do it when my husband and I come home from work though even on the weekends when it gets to that time in the evening they start racing around.

  • My sweetie, Sahara, does it also, I have been told that it is called, Zooming. Zooming happens when the dog needs to get rid of excess energy. Sahara does hers when she has not had enough exercise. It is so funny, my husband just laugh, and stay clear.

  • Ditto to what Lisa said. We usually stand clear…or usher everybody outside. Ours like to use the couch and loveseat as part of their track....sometimes somebody falls over the back of the loveseat.

  • I used to find the 500 annoying sometimes especially when sofa cushions fly across the room. But you get used to it. In fact, we have now named it Go Dog Go and when Abbey does it I clap and cheer and whistle. After a while she's looking back going But I'm Running As Fast As I Can!! Pick your battles carefully with a basenji. When she rips up a napkin or paper towel I compliment her on what a great job she's done.

  • Jazzy gets going and our larger dog follows. It's a mad house. We all just stand clear and let 'em rip!

  • My Basenji/Whippet mix did the B500 the first night I brought her home from the shelter. Every room and all furniture can be and often is used as part of her track. I too, clap and cheer her on. It is hilarious. She goes so fast that the made bed is quickly unmade and all sheets/pillows/comforter etc are pushed up to one end of the bed. Ya gotta love it!

  • lol…. great B500 stories! Lenora, you are SO right about picking your battles w/ a basenji. I do that too, I simply don't sweat the small stuff - otherwise, I'd probably be insane by now. I always just laugh it off.

  • Talker has been doing it since we brought him home. We had a male rescue basenji for about a month (a few back) and the both of them would just tear up the place and zoom out to the back yard and race around and back inside again.

    However, Savannah doesn't get into the speed of things with Talker. she mostly watches and waits. He runs outside and around the grass in circles. then he waits for her to join him. When she finally joins in she'll chase him outside. It's fun to watch. It's a beautiful sight to see your basenji run at full speed. The place I can see that is up at the school's playground. It's amazing to see Talker at full speed and his legs just reaching forward and back. Quite a sight!

  • Kiya will run the B-500 some, but my Sammy is the true B-500 champion. We love it, since we know its burning away his destructive energy! It's really quite amazing to watch him use all the furniture. He truly vaults off the couches and its amazing how huge his jumps are and how long he stays airborne. My friends who have witnessed it are amazed.

  • OMG !!! OMG !!! this was so halarious to read… I thought sandie was just being goofy shes only 10 weeks now and does this... It's so funny because her feet r too big for her body so she usually crashes...I guess im in for a treat when she can actully jump on the furniture ...

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