• What is a Basenj-500 please?

  • That is when they race around the house or room doing "laps" at top speed like car racing. 🙂 It's kinda named after our car races, we have races like the "Indianapolis 500", which is a 500 mile race in Indianapolis, Indiana. Or the Daytona 500 in Florida. So the B-500, or Basenji-500 is when the Basenjis are racing around the house. lol It usually involves jumping onto and flying off as much furniture as possible! Or circling the furniture. 🙂 If you have multiple dogs, usually once one starts they all join in.

  • Thanks for the info,
    Shelley 🙂

  • Oh Kelli, you forgot the bouncing off furniture, walls and whomever happens to be standing in the way while they are running!

  • They can do it outside too. I have a good sized yard with lots of flower beds and pathways in between. Now with the nice weather Gossy will get the B-500 bug almost every day, ramp up her speed, jumpe across the flower beds, over the patio furniture or other obstructions, and taking curves at breath-taking speeds. 😃 It's really fun to watch.

  • And running into you as well. My red would run from the blk at full speed and then run right into me. 30lbs slamming into your shins does hurt. One time he ran full speed down the beach and slammed into a woman from behind walking down the beach with her friend. She went face down into the sand. I ran over to help her up and aplogize and she laughed. Good thing she had a sense of humor about it.

  • Haha! I didn't know there was a name for this at first either - I had just assumed Trinity was crazy. The more I cheer her on, the more stunts she performs. I too enjoy watching my dogs run the B500 & reward them with ice cubes when they're done.

  • Here is one in action.

  • Your video of the Basenji-500 is great, i love your pics as well,

  • Great video definition of "B-500". At higher speeds they bounce off walls and everything in their path, occasionally 'spin out' and slide across a floor on their back or side, pretty funny.

  • To add a little more visual to the description of a B-500 that has already been given, our Basenji actually gets horizontal and hits the back of our couch when he is running his B-500. So its like a Race Car being able to ride high on the bank of a track because of the speed involved.


  • … Or one of those kids on skateboards that goes up in a big arc near the top of the concrete .. I swear one day Gossy will go right over the couch!

  • I didn't have a video camera when I had 3 B's!! They used to raise the dust in the house, run along the back of couch,,,not the top of it, sorta like those motorcyles do in those round things. lol The little girl I have now,,,races circles on the bed, flat out!! She doesn't have a play mate yet,,,,still in the works!

  • Shaye has Basenji-500 episodes at least twice a day - usually just before she goes down for a nap and goes to bed at night - like she needs to get rid of all that excess energy before she can plop down and sleep. Pretty funny when she forgets not all doors are open and bounces off them - just to bounce right up and continue her race! Love the video -

  • It's expected with this breed. 😃

    I occasionally will see Kananga go full speed across the tiled floors and he'll forget that he does not get any traction, sending him sideways or face first into the wall. He still has a smile on his face when he gets back into action.

  • Here's Trinity & Denver winding down from a B500 rampage. 🙂

  • @RedVelvetLynx:

    Here's Trinity & Denver winding down from a B500 rampage. 🙂

    Too funny. 😃

  • Congo once did a flip off the couch when he was doing his 500. As soon as hit hit the ground he kept on going. It didn't even faze him.

  • Houston

    I am so glad I searched what B-500 is. Otis does it too, especially around the chickens freeranging in the back yard. It is hilarious, around and around. Our other dogs just sit down and watch him go…funny. They try to keep up with him but eventually they just peter out. Our Schnorkie, Luna she tries to give him a run for the money and she is good at keeping up, but then her body says otherwise...pooped out. B-500, so that is what it is called...

  • Houston

    Ok one more thing, it totally fascinates me how these dogs are running full speed and NO yealping is coming out of them, really cool. My two other dogs run too, but yealps and barks incessantly (spelling?). It drives us crazy..but Otis is fast and quiet, a beautiful sight and sound.

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