Outdoor 500

This weekend we had our first "real" cold (30F's and extremely windy). I put the light-weight coat on EL D and let him in the yard to do his business and get a little exercise. Right off the bat, he goes charging all around the yard - outdoor B-500! My yard has flower beds all over the place and EL D would race down the pathways (kind of maze-like) like a - well, like a basenji - and eventually took to leaping over the narrow flower beds. It was hysterical! 😃

The Basenji 500 is a beautiful thing to witness, unless of course you were one of the unfortunate flowers in his path…;)

Jack has been doing that in our backyard as well- it is a little hard for him, since he has to wear a tie-line, but he goes tearing around the yard in circles and figure eights. Luckily we don't have any flowers in our backyard. It is the funniest- and funnest- thing ever!

Sahara has been doing this for about a year now. She takes off from the back yard or front yard, depends what is going on. If I am leaving in the car, I pull out of the driveway, tell her, "Mommy will be back", and she takes off around the house, it is so funny. If she is in the back with me, all of a sudden she takes off like in a mad dash, around and around until she is winded. Sometimes she comes through the doggie door, drinks water and out again to start all over. It is the funniest thing to watch, I love my baby girl.

I have yet to see mine do this. She is starting to get more excited about our backyard (it's pretty big) and the lovely dogs across the street who bark at her nonstop. I think she'll loosen up and start running around more soon!

Yes, the outdoor 500 is really a beautiful thing to watch since there is more room for the beasties to go all out compared to the house. It is so neat to watch them stretch out or to cut corners. What beautiful animals !

When the grass is really growing and gets tall before I can cut it on the weekend, we can see areas where it is all laying down due to the 3 crazy basenjis doing their run around.

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