• Today was that dreaded time of the month - you know the test strip for Fanconi day. 🙂 Stormie always tried to outsmart me in this department and he dreads seeing the pee collection cup come out as much as I dread his "outsmarting" antics. Here's Stormie's Dogster diary entry for today and the adventure that ensued:

    Spring Has Sprung (and other ramblings)
    by: Stormie Basenji

    Well, maybe - PA has a way of changing weather like I change my mind about where I like to potty. Today and yesterday have been downright GORGEOUS!! Splendid, superb, perfect! I love running in the warm sunshine! However I did hear rumblings of a cold snap headed our way for the week-end - ugh! I'm keeping my paws crossed that the cold air doesn't infiltrate the glorious warm days we've had!

    So because it's so nice, the hooMom has been VERY generous in the exercise w/ pups department. Aside from the mud (and subsequent baths), it's been woofderful! Tonight the hooMom took Nik and I on a seperate run. She thought she was being sneaky, but I saw it! She was trying to "trickery" me. I saw her put the "pee cup" in her pocket on our way out the door. You know, the cup I dread seeing! It means that the hooMom is going to thoroughly disgrace me and collect my pee to check for Fanconi Syndrome. I tried my best to hold in my pee so she couldn't violate me, but with the sound of the river rushing in the background, it wasn't long until I was forced to lift my leg. HooMom pulled out the cup and before you know it my pee was collected - so VERY insulting! I saw the the smug look of satisfaction on her face that she'd "out-smarted me". Feeling generous, she then allowed me to run around for awhile and chase a stick or two, and then it was back home to collect Nik. I stopped to smell the weeds and faked the hooMom out - she thought I had to poo again, so she loosened her grip on the leash and let me have some freedom. Little did she know I had spied the evil, little Kermit balck and white stray cat in the weeds! Just like that - ZOOM! I was off after Kermit! HooMom was struggling to keep up and keep the pee cup steady and we zipped through the weeds after the cat! Finally she set the pee cup down and got me under control - then she realized that her hands were wet - HAHAHAHA! Yup, the pee cup leaked, and she had Stormie pee all over her hands! BOL! Paybacks really are, a well, female dog, aren't they dear readers?! That'll teach her to violate me! 🙂

    Stormie - I showed her who's the boss, didn't I?! 😉

  • OH GOSH!!! ROFL….poor you 🙂

    C3 turned three in January and we're dreading starting the pee collection 😃 I can already see this is going to be a mission!!

    Not nice Stormie...not nice 😞

  • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love life through Stormie's eyes. 😃
    We are getting ready to start strip testing Giz. Does everyone use a cup or are there…umm other methods?

  • That's HILARIOUS. I am not looking forward to attempting to collect Hollie's pee. I believe it will be an adventure.

  • umm why do we need to get pee from our dogs this is my 1st be and she is now 15 mnths old do i need to start testing her now ? shannon

  • Stellagirl-because some Bs are predisposed to Fanconi you need test them monthly after they turn 3 yrs of age. You can read more in the Health section of the forums. Lots of info in those threads.

  • Stormie!!! This is Banners here! And you need to stop being a bad 'senji and give Momma L your pee! you so bad! Stop trying to fight it. You lost your dignity a long time ago!

    Banners Out!

  • Heehee! That Stormie dog keeps me on my toes, for sure! Every month we have a battle of the wills, and just when I think I'm "winning" he pulls a fast one on me! 🙂

    Alkite- I've heard of people using cups, old soup ladles, paper plates - whatever works for you - it's trial and error. I have an old small, flat tupperware cup/container that has a lid that I use, as I always collect Storm's pee on leashed walks, so it minimizes spillage. However, I once left the cup sit in his eye shot, and he got ahold of it and chewed the corner of the lid so it doesn't seal properly anymore - yes, he's the devil! 😉

    OH Banners! You weren't supposed to see how stubborn I am!!! I really do try to be a good boy! - Stormie

  • hmm, Jackers is 4 and the vet knew we had just bought him and didnt say a thing about having to test him…should i be worried??

  • Many vets just don't know enough about specific breed health issues to be able to tell their clients what to do. If Jack is 4 years old then he should be strip tested once a month. Here is a link to what you need and how to do it.


  • @alkite:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love life through Stormie's eyes. 😃
    We are getting ready to start strip testing Giz. Does everyone use a cup or are there…umm other methods?

    With the girls I just put them on a leash, take them into the yard, and stick the strip in their urine stream.

    With Querk I have to leash him and take him out front (because there is more to pee on, apparently). Then I have a very small ladle that I use, because he finds that less distracting than if I try to sneak my hand beneath him.

  • Early in the morning of the third Saturday of the month I put on my house coat and slippers and grab the leash and a paper plate oh, and the dog too. No one in my house has ever seen me do this. I'm sure they would laugh if they did. luckily I have a big back yard with a 6 foot privacy fence so no one else can see me either. I wait until Keba is already in position and then sneak up behind her and slip the paper plate right under her little tushie. The first time I did it she freaked out and jumped straight up in the air. She's used to it now though.

  • That is just the greatest story!!! Hahahahaha!

    What are the strips called that are needed in order to test for Fanconi? I heard you can purchase them at any drug store, is this true?

  • They are called Diastix. Some drug stores still carry them, but many have to special order them. You can find them online though.

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