• We have a cat, so we have a lot of cat toys..

    Toys with feathers, with little strings etc..
    Those toys always end up on the floor..

    Chafuko picks them up and bring them to me, put it in my hand and look at me if he wanted to say.. Helloooo those toys aren't supposed to be on the floor!!!

    And we have a little toy on a string hanging on a cabinet, wit feathers and a birdie sound in it when it moves..
    The boys won't look at it anymore…

    I really think our cat Spaiky is the best teacher ever 😃
    (when they see a toy for the first time, the same time that spaiky plays with it the first time, Spaiky will make sure they don't want to steal it... they can count on a angry cat 🙂 )

  • Tillo and Lycia would kill the toy…

    We need a cat 😉

  • AJ would probably let the cat have her toy. However, when Chauncey, the ACD, was living with Sumi (my cat) and I, he would seek out her little stuffed toys and lick them until they were masses of cloth and slobber. She would get so disgusted with the mess that she would just let him have the toy thereafter.

    Of course, she had her way of getting even: when he'd be lying in his bed minding his own business, she would go out of her way to saunter over and give him a sound whack right on his nose. His response was always a startled look like, "What the heck did I do???"

  • First Basenji's

    Cody would walk around, acting like he was minding his own business and being such a good boy. Then, just before he passed it, out of nowhere, he would snatch the toy and take it outside for a good shredding/defluffing. He does it every time to Moe. He also does that just before he smacks Moe in the head and runs off.

  • Houston

    Otis and Moses would kill the toy and try to get to the cat too…the cat of course would kick their butts..

  • Thabo and Zuri LOVE to play with those funny feather-things 😃
    And always destroy them, of course :rolleyes:

    Good, that we don't have a cat…

  • Abbey was almost banned from my son's house after she killed the cat's feather on a stick thingy. We don't have our own cat although she'd like to have one of her own. She loves cats!

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