• I have found myself more and more thinking about the possibility of adding another member to my pack. I knew from the beginning that I may want to get another Basenji, but I am concerned because I want to make sure it's the right thing to do, and not just " un antojo"' like we say in Spanish, I can't find the right English word it's like a craving, except it's not food!!!!! I'm sure you all know what I mean. Anyway I just wanted to put it out there and maybe you guys can help me with your comments and questions to make as objective a decision as I can, considering, it's a PUPPY!!!!! :)… I'm in no rush, so I will take my time to think about it, decide, plan, search,.. Etc.....

  • In English, the term for 'un antojo' is like 'a passing fancy'. That's when there is something you are almost obsessed with doing, but shortly thereafter, you wonder why you did it.

    Kudos for you taking time to think it out clearly. That's always the best way to go about things. Forgive me, but I can't remember the age and sex of your basenji.

  • There are pro's and con's with either having one dog and more dogs.
    Mostly depends on your lifestyle and if the dogs do well together.

    I like to have only one dog (now 2 cause the oldest is 11 allready and not that healthy anymore) cause I like to take them with me everywhere I go. That's allways harder with 2 dogs then with one dog.
    2 dogs is more work, more trouble, but also more joy.

    Really something you have to think about good before making a decission. 2 dogs that play together is great fun, for everyone, but chances are also that they won't get allong, and that, in the worst case, they have to be kept seperated all the time.

  • There is nothing like "2" Basenjis…. And I disagee with the comment from Voodoo, two dogs usually always get along, however typically if of opposite sex.

  • Houston

    I love my pack of 4 dogs..only one basenji though. I always have had two dogs together but we slowely and sure added a third and then now a fourth. My dogs all get along as if they know they are brother's and sisters…I have three boys and one female.

    It is more complicated to do spur of the moment stuff with several dogs (for some people), but we travel with dogs in tow so if we go they go..no problems for us at all.
    Good luck in your trek..

  • I think you need to ask yourself, why do you want another? What would your goals and plans be with this dog and how would that effect your current dog?

    When we added our second basenji, I wanted a companion for our first dog since he seemed to really miss having another dog in the house. I also at that point was starting to really enjoy events with Nicky so I wanted a dog that would also do those things. That complicated things though since opposite sex pairs are often recommended and show dogs need to be intact and so I really had to make a decision about whether I was ready to neuter Nicky or ready to separate my household.

    Are you ready for the extra financial responsibility? Added vet care, training costs, and the extra dog stuff.

  • A pair of Basenjis Male & Female are perfect. They keep each other company & will spend a lot of time playing & learning from each other (for better & worse).

  • Thanks everyone for the replies. Ayo is 1 1/2 years old. Mainy I think it would be great for Ayo to have a companion. He spent his first year almost everyday with my friend and bussiness partner's Pomeranian because we were working out of his house so I would take Ayo with me everyday. Now I am working out of my home but will have an office away from home soon. Although I spend a lot of time with him now( probably too much for his own good:), I will,probably spend mornings and afternoons away soon and I feel he might get very lonely.
    You all mentioned my main concerns.. I have been able to take Ayo with me on trips mainly because Ive been lucky that i have been invited to peoples houses where I can take him, and it's been simple because it's just him and his crate.Also it's complicated to keep an eye on one basenji loose in someone elses house!!! Imagine two!! There aren't many (I only know of one) pet friendly hotel here and unless I rent I really can't take him with me which
    means that
    many times I won't be able to go, other times I will have to leave him. I think
    it's even more complicated if there are two dogs and two crates

    I am also concerned about Ivoss comment. I would love a companion and possibly show dog like Ayo, but I am concerned about an intact couple in my apartment. Although I show , I'm just starting, I really still can't find a reason to breed basenjis in Dominican republic... Maybe there wil be good conditions for that in the future but every time the subject comes up with people here and on this forum,the more I think its not a good idea.
    I am not concerned about them getting along,.. But I am concerned about our relationship changing. I know that when there is more than one dog they tend to compete for attention and I've noticed that the way they relate to me changes. I love that we are now kind of "in sync", we have our little daily routines etc.. And I am afraid that that might change, especially on our walks, I ve tried walking two dogs and ...... Well.. It will take some training!!
    Like I said I am in no rush, its just been on my mind,.. Thanks again for all your comments...

  • An intact pair is doable, but if you have a male who is really wanting to be with the female when she is on heat, better prepare your neighbours for some sleepless nights. Some can howl for hours… Besides that, it's just watching them all the time when they are together so no 'accidents' will happen.

    Getting a dog only to keep your other dog company is what I allways advice against. I've had 2-3-4 dogs together the last years, and from time to time I set up a webcam when I leave home so I can see what they do. I close the door behind me, they jump on the couch or in a basket and they sleep till I get home again. Never seen them play together while I was away. If it is only to keep him some company, why not a cat instead of another dog? Much easier and see cat-dog plays far more over here then dog-dog plays.

    A better reason to get a another dog, is that you want another dog.

    With 2 dogs, you also need to train them separate, walk them separate... to keep the bonding between you and the dogs stronger, then the bond between the 2 of them.

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